Position Switches 3SE5 and 3SE3

Easy Plug-in Method

For fast replacement of actuator heads

  • Open the cover
  • Actuate the locking lever
  • Replace the head Lock
  • Lock and close the cover

Exchangeable two and three-pole contact blocks

  • Both two-pole and three-pole contact blocks fix in same size of enclosures
  • Can be very easily exchanged.

Turnable Actuator Heads

All Actuator heads can be turned around in increments of 22.5°

Quick-connect Technology

For plastic enclosure with width of 31mm

Ease of Wiring

  • Connect the cable to terminals
  • Guide through the slit into the cable gland opening
  • Approx. 20 to 25° wiring time saving

Communication Capable (ASi safe)

Limit Switches are also available with integrated ASi safe electronics

Optional LED displays

LED Indication (1xGreen + 1xYellow) available for all enclosures