Control perfection for starting motors

The ultra-compact and durable SIRIUS soft starters and motor starters are outstanding thanks to their innovative hybrid switching technology for efficient, energy-saving switching. These rugged, space-saving devices are available for numerous applications, including fail-safe versions.

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Everything you need to optimally start motors

Exactly the right choice for demanding electrical engineers: SIRIUS Hybrid soft starters and motor starters enable high plant transparency, are easy to integrate into automation thanks to TIA, and save space in the control panel.

The most innovative way to start motors

Control perfection in all areas of industrial controls

SIRIUS industrial controls: consistently coordinated components for starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding that are comprehensively designed, usable worldwide without modification, and suitable for all applications in the area of industrial controls.

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SIRIUS Hybrid soft starters and motor starters are continuously undergoing development to equip the controls to reliably handle all current and future requirements. Learn all about the most important innovations!
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