Industrial Starters

The Industrial Starters from Siemens make sure your business starts on the right foot every time. These Industrial Starters, available in Direct-on-line (20HP to 75HP) and Automatic Star-Delta (30 to 75 HP) varieties, have been specially built to incorporate superior features that meet your changing needs and offer the highest levels of quality.

Choose your own bi-relay

Keeping in mind that you may require starters with bi-relay variations, Siemens Industrial starters are available without bi-relays. This allows you the flexibility to choose the bi-relays with ranges of your choice from your stock or to buy it from nearest Siemens authorized dealer. As a result, delivery is faster and off-the-shelf, and inventories at the dealer and user end are reduced.

Star-delta timer

Doing away with the older bi-metal timer, Siemens industrial Starters incorporate a new electronic Star-Delta Timer to provide a perfectly precise changeover.

Unmatched 3TS contactors

Range of 3TS Contactors manufactured by Siemens, have been employed in Siemens industrial Starters. These Contactors have several superior features that boost the efficiency and safety of the starter mechanism:

  • A) Unmatched performance and reliability.
  • B) Long mechanical and electrical life.
  • C) Arc chamber interlock for safety of operating personnel and plant.
  • D) Double-break parallel bridge Auxiliary contacts with SIGUT termination technique.

Highest quality

Siemens is always concerned about offering consumers the highest levels of quality. Accordingly. Siemens Industrial Starters have been designed to comply with the most stringent IS13947 standards. Start out with an advantage! Get yourself the Siemens Industrial Starters!