SIMATIC RFID: Intelligent systems for maximum transparency and efficient planning

Improved performance to suit more dynamic markets

Industrial Identification with RFID systems is one of the key technologies for the Digital Enterprise. In the area of RF identification systems, Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio that provides the perfect solution – in every sector, and for every area of application. The connection to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, opens the door to Industrie 4.0 and the Digital Factory – and thus to even more transparency, efficiency, and flexibility.

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More performance, range, and frequencies

With our RFID systems you benefit from end-to-end transparency along the entire supply chain.

Reliable and future-proof – even in tough industrial environments

Looking for contactless, reliable identification for your products? The latest RFID systems make your entire production and supply chain visible – with no need for a line-of-sight between read/write device and transponder. You maintain an overview of your material flows at all times, you can plan efficiently, and adjust your processes with precision.

Just select the right solution for your sector and your area of application: Compact readers with the option of an integrated or external antenna, maintenance-free labels, and passive tags. Powerful and cost-efficient, for trouble-free data communication.

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Product overview

Innovative technologies to adjust your processes with precision


Access control for machinery and plant – SIMATIC RF1000

Full control: With the RFID-based solution for easy and flexible access management for machines and plant.



Compact RFID system in the HF range – SIMATIC RF200

The cost-efficient HF reader for the medium performance range: Ideal for intralogistics or in small assembly lines.


State of the RFID – SIMATIC RF300 level up

The high-performance RFID system in the HF range for production and material flow control – scalable, maintenance-free, and robust.


Step into the latest UHF technology – SIMATIC RF600

UHF technology that fits seamlessly into your automation and IT landscape, is quick to configure, and easy to operate.

Communication modules

Highly efficient integration – communication modules with interfaces for all requirements

Always connected – regardless of what RFID or code reading system you use, and whether you have a SIMATIC controller, a PC, or a controller from another manufacturer. 

RFID transponders and labels

RFID transponders and labels

One portfolio for every application

All RFID systems need transponders that are custom-tailored to the specific requirements of the application. In addition to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, technical properties such as read range are also crucial. Siemens offers a comprehensive transponder portfolio that can be adapted to every application.


HF range: ISO 15693 transponders

The portfolio of ISO 15693-compliant Siemens RFID transponder is especially varied. All products are compatible with the SIMATIC RF1000 and RF300 systems in ISO mode and the compact SIMATIC RF200.

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HF range: RF300 transponders

The SIMATIC RF300’s high speed means that the transponders are ideally suited for production automation where short cycle times are required and large amounts of data need to be transmitted.

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UHF-range transponders and SmartLabels

RFID solutions in the UHF-range prove themselves in harsh industrial use on a daily basis. The large range of up to eight meters is a decisive advantage. UHF RFID systems are bulk-capable and can read several hundred transponders at the same time.

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Successful RFID applications around the world

Our RFID systems prove their value every day in many industries and areas of application, in all parts of the world. Discover some of these applications here.
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