SIMATIC RF300, the powerful HF RFID system

SIMATIC RF300, the powerful HF RFID system

Powerful for the highest demands

SIMATIC RF300 makes production control, tracking & tracing, and asset management much more efficient. It meets the highest demands in terms of speed, data volume, and diagnostic functionality.

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At a glance

The high-performance SIMATIC RF300 RFID system

As a leading provider of industrial identification systems, we’re constantly refining our systems for RFID. What is particularly important to us in terms of further development: compatibility with our existing portfolio – like we’ve done with the second generation of readers in our proven SIMATIC RF300 RFID system.


Our SIMATIC RF300 RFID system covers all requirements in terms of performance, range, and frequency range.


  • Identification tasks for material flow control in industrial production
  • Track-guided conveyor systems in machine construction
  • Main and auxiliary assembly lines in the automotive and electric appliances industries
  • Painting lines in the automotive industry
  • Electric monorail systems
  • Convenient set-up assistance for determining the optimal antenna position, especially in metal environments
  • Optimized robustness against HF interference
  • RGB LED light controllers for easy diagnostic visualization
  • Only a reader and transponder exchange are needed to migrate from the legacy system MOBY I
  • Additional transponder protocol for easy expansion/migration from MOBY E systems
  • Automatic recognition of every type of tag
  • Integral element of Totally Integrated Automation
  • Compact component dimensions
  • Integration in engineering systems with SIMATIC STEP 7 and the TIA Portal via IDENT technology object.
Faster and more versatile than ever

SIMATIC RF300 level up: Reading accuracy for the material flows of tomorrow

With SIMATIC RF300, we’re offering a high-performance RFID system that meets the highest demands for speed, data volume, and diagnostics functionality that has proven itself daily in countless applications worldwide.

Even more reliable, even more efficient

The SIMATIC RF300 RFID system covers a broad spectrum of performance, read/write range, and frequency-range requirements. You can rely on the end-to-end data transparency of these systems – a basic prerequisite for the seamless control and systematic optimization of your material flows.

SIMATIC RF300: Compatible in every way


Die SIMATIC RF300 Reader sind voll kompatibel zur bestehenden Produktfamilie – mechanisch, elektrisch und hinsichtlich der Systemintegration. Sie bieten neben allen Qualitäten ihrer bewährten Vorgänger viele wegweisende Features und Funktionen.

SIMATIC RF300: Benefits and Details

  • Robust, compact components featuring a high degree of protection (up to IP 68)
  • Versions with explosion certification for applications in areas subject to explosion hazards
  • Interference-proof data communication with high data security
  • Maintenance-free tags with up to 64 KB memory with additional one-time programmable data area (OTP) up to 20 bytes; it’s also an option to use low-cost ISO 15693 tags
  • Very fast data transmission between reader/writer and tag (up to 8,000 B/s)
  • Comprehensive status and diagnostics functions
  • Easy integration with SIMATIC, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, TCP/IP, and EtherNet/IP

Depending on performance demands, the identification system is available in two system variants:     

  • Standard and universally applied ISO 15693 tags for simple or more demanding tasks
  • Only for SIMATIC RF300 compatible high-performance tags with very high reading speed and large memory

SIMATIC RF300: Technical data

Read/write distance
up to 0.2 m

13,56 MHz


ISO 15693, MIFARE classic

(ISO 14443 A)

Your catalog and ordering system for automation and drive technology

SIMATIC RF300 product information

Versatile applications with SIMATIC RF300

SIMATIC RF300: For the highest demands

Custom solutions for all applications and a powerful system to meet the highest demands in terms of speed, data volume, and diagnostic functionality. SIMATIC RF300 ensures maximum efficiency in production control, tracking and tracing, and asset management. With its high-speed data acquisition, it enables reduced cycle time and increased productivity.

Production control

  • Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions thanks to the use of standards
  • Shorter cycle time due to high-speed data reading and recording
  • Unambiguous identification for customized and economical manufacturing
  • Higher availability as a result of the distributed control system
  • Optimized inventory management: minimizes stock inventory quantities and prevents interim warehousing
  • Automatic, synchronized supply feed of parts and components
  • Automation of manufacturing planning with the help of KANBAN

Tracking & tracing

  • Improved product quality
  • Focused aftersales support (for example, callbacks)
  • Compliance with statutory regulations

Asset management

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Optimized stock inventory
  • Increased availability
  • Improved service, maintenance, and repair processes

SIMATIC RF300: The top choice for many applications

Fiercer competition, stricter standards and statutory regulations, shorter product lifecycles, and increasingly specific customer demands: Today’s markets demand efficiency and transparency. The optimal solution to these needs is our innovative RFID system SIMATIC RF300, which is proving itself daily in countless applications worldwide.

Task description

Flexible manufacturing with a selection of production steps



The engine blocks secured on the workpiece holders are transported by a conveyor belt to the various workstations. The SIMATIC RF340T or 350T transponder is affixed to the underside of the pallet. The SIMATIC RF310R or RF340R reader is integrated in the conveyor system in a way that enables interference-free communication with the transponders. If pallets aren’t used in the production line, a screw transponder (for example, MDS D428) mounted directly on the engine can be used. In this case, the reader is mounted to the side of the conveyor belt. The data on the entire production order are stored on the transponder. These data are read at each individual workstation, modified or supplemented depending on the specific station, and then re-saved to the transponder. This allows the status of the engine manufacturing process to be determined at any point in time, even if communication with the superordinate database is interrupted.



  • Short cycle time for individual work steps, thanks to the very high data rate that enables a significantly higher volume of product throughput
  • No additional data management needed to control the production workflow
  • Production order data is also readable by SIMATIC RF350M mobile handheld readers for maintenance purposes

Task description

Identify skids and car bodies in the paintshop



In industrial paint shops, the unambiguous identification of car bodies is essential to order-specific color selection and application. Aggressive chemicals and drying processes at temperatures of up to +220° Celsius place a very high demand on transponders in terms of their protection rating as well as chemical and temperature resistance. What’s more, all components must be 100 % free of paint-wetting impairment substances (like silicone). The SIMATIC RF380T tag fulfills all these requirements and can be exposed to a temperature of 220° Celsius for up to two hours. It’s usually mounted on a crossbar on the skid and is readable and writable at a distance of up to 150 mm by the SIMATIC RF380R reader mounted below. The SIMATIC RF350M mobile handheld reader allows processing of transponders from any location.



  • Fast and reliable identification
  • Reliable identification even in fast, dynamic operating environments and processing of data at data transmission rates of up to 8,000 B/s
  • Memory capacity up to 32 KB for complete data retention directly on the skid/workpiece
  • Proven design concept used in countless paint shops worldwide

Task description

Store all important manufacturing and quality data from production. Data are read and written dynamically.



Every holder is marked with a SIMATIC RF360T tag that contains up to 8 KB of production and quality data (including part number and measured values). The data can be read and, where appropriate, modified at any time by a reader like the SIMATIC RF380R.

SIMATIC RF300 offers reliable, automatic, and fast identification.



  • Possibility of distributed data storage
  • High-speed RFID data transmission
  • Dynamic reading and writing (without stopping the conveyor system)
The right device for your requirements

Components for the SIMATIC RF300 RFID system

Our SIMATIC RF300 portfolio offers you a comprehensive range of components for almost all identification tasks – regardless of power range, design, or protection level.

SIMATIC RF300 RFID system in practice

The SIMATIC RF300 from Siemens is used in many different sectors. We’ve compiled an interesting selection of references for you here.
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SITRAIN: Digital Industry Academy

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