SIMATIC energy transparency in production – simple and integrated

Production-related energy monitoring with SIMATIC Energy Suite in the TIA Portal

Intelligent energy monitoring for machinery and plants

Operators of industrial plants must manage their energy consumption efficiently to maintain their competitiveness. Manufacturers of machinery and plants need to demonstrate the energy efficiency of their solutions in detail. Both are made possible by the use of an energy management solution integrated into the automation system: the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor and SIMATIC Energy Suite. You cannot take targeted measures to save energy and subsequently reduce costs in your production until you know how much energy is being consumed as well as where and when it is consumed.

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SIMATIC energy monitoring

Simple and integrated energy transparency

From the measurement of individual loads to detailed evaluation of the efficiency of entire machines, SIMATIC Energy Suite and the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor bring energy transparency to your automation system. The engineering integrated into TIA Portal supports you with simple implementation of production-level energy monitoring.

SIMATIC Energy Suite: Energy data acquisition generated automatically


SIMATIC Energy Suite, as an option for TIA Portal, efficiently links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system. The suite allows different types of energy data to be grouped, buffered, and visualized in a standard way. The considerably simplified configuration and automatic generation of the energy management program significantly reduce configuration costs. Thanks to the integrated interface to SIMATIC Energy Manager, the recorded energy data can be seamlessly included into a cross-site energy management system certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor: Standardized efficiency evaluation of machines

With the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor, machine manufacturers can easily document the energy efficiency of their machines based on six defined machine conditions and thus comply with the requirements of VDMA Measurement Instruction 34179. The S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor is part of TIA Portal* and enables the integration of condition-based analysis of energy data into machines without great effort. Energy and media data can automatically presented as an acceptance document on the SIMATIC operator panel and in Excel format. Plant operators also benefit: The efficiency data are part of the automation and can be called up on the operator panel at any time and can optionally be transferred to SIMATIC Energy Manager via the integrated interface and used for long-term evaluation across multiple machines. In this way, the operator can see the energy consumption over the plant lifecycle at a glance, identify any inefficient operating behavior, and take suitable measures to resolve the issue.

*TIA Portal V15 and higher

Downloads, Support and Services

More on production-level energy monitoring

Download brochures and documents with additional information on production-level energy monitoring with SIMATIC. Support links will take you, for example, to the product-specific FAQs, manuals, product notifications, and technical data. Also, discover our value-added service offerings, such as Energy Analytics and MindSphere.

Energy data management as a managed service

Intelligent reports and data analytics from energy experts help you identify hidden savings potentials in your plant.

Financial solutions for your success

Use financial and technological expertise to drive growth and gain a competitive edge.


Our experts will gladly assist and advise you

For questions, requests, or suggestions relating to production-level energy monitoring and engineering in TIA Portal with SIMATIC Energy Suite, simply contact our experts. Whether you are interested in simple and intuitive configuration, automatic generation of the PLC energy program, or archiving on WinCC Professional or the PLC, your personal contact at Siemens will gladly advise and support you.

Our experts will gladly advise you.

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