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Proactive energy management with SIMATIC powerrate

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SIMATIC powerrate

Optimize energy consumption with SIMATIC powerrate

In all industries in which energy efficiency plays a crucial role, the software program SIMATIC powerrate from Siemens can reduce energy costs by preventing power peaks. No separate, dedicated system environment is needed thanks to SIMATIC powerrate’s complete integration in the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC.

Reliably comply with agreed power limits with WinCC

Power supply limits which are contractually agreed with power providers are an instrument for limiting energy costs. Power providers generally offer reduced rates for constant, calculable power values. Plant operators unable to adhere to their agreed power limits face significantly higher procurement prices, surcharges or even penalties.


The load management feature of SIMATIC powerrate carries out cyclic trend calculations in order to issue warnings and alarms if violation of the limit is likely and to switch off loads in accordance with the given configuration if required. This enables plant operators to avoid penalty payments and lower their energy costs.


To prevent unnecessary switching operations, numerous parameters are available for adapting the load management to the current process conditions – and all this can be done easily and conveniently via faceplates. For loads that are distributed over different PLCs, SIMATIC powerrate contains appropriate PLC-to-PLC communication blocks which can be used to integrate these loads into the load management system.


SIMATIC powerrate also norms, visualizes and archives the average energy consumption and power values: On a plant-wide level, SIMATIC powerrate for the SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system delivers an impressive performance. The software records all energy-related consumption data of the plant, correlates them to the specific electrical loads, visualizes them clearly, and saves them in the archive.

This is what proactive energy management offers you

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Important things to know about SIMATIC powerrate

Here you’ll find more information about SIMATIC powerrate. Support links guide you for example to product-specific FAQs, manuals, product notes and technical data. Find out too about our practical range of services such as Energy Analytics and MindSphere.

Energy data management as a managed service

Intelligent reports and data analytics from energy experts help you identify hidden savings potentials in your plant.

Financial solutions for your success

Use financial and technological expertise to drive growth and gain acompetitive edge.


Real-life examples of energy monitoring and peak load management

In countless industries and business sectors, SIMATIC powerrate has proven how it transparently identifies, visualizes and documents energy flows and consumption and reduces load peaks. 


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