Options for SIMATIC WinCC V7

Expanding your WinCC basic system

Get SIMATIC WinCC tailored to your requirements. WinCC options  are evidence of the modular expandability and the universal application of WinCC which is the core for a whole range of different applications. The WinCC option packages are produced in the context of WinCC development. As the basic WinCC software they are supported by the technical advisory service and the central hotline.

Brochure: "SIMATIC WinCC V7 - The scalable and open SCADA system for maximum plant transparency and productivity"

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Product range

The Options for SIMATIC WinCC V7 at a glance

From single-user system to web-based solution for all technologies and industries.

To be able to meet growing requirements, the visualization must be expandable at any time without causing technology incompatibilities or requiring completely new configurations.
Investment protection is a top priority.

SIMATIC WinCC provides the required integrated scalability, from the small single-user solution to the client/server solution and operator stations on the web. Redundancy solutions for highest availability and security can be built up as well.

In addition to scalable configurations, WinCC options and AddOns offer customer-fit extensions for technological and industry specific solutions.

A multi-user system is used whenever the same process is to be monitored at several operator stations. When the Option is used, several operator control and monitoring stations are coordinated to operate together with networked automation systems. The server supplies the connected clients with process and archive data, messages, pictures and logs. The result of an operator action at one operator station, for example, changing a value or message acknowledgment, is immediately available to all other operator stations.


  • Integrated scalability from the single-user system to the client/server solution

  • Economic solution for SCADA applications with higher complexity

  • Configuration of distributed operator stations with little effort

  • Configuration of distributed client/server systems with up to 18 WinCC servers.
    Clients provide access to all servers in the system

  • Configuration of clients as remote Web servers

  • Low-cost configuration on the clients

Design and functions

The server establishes the connection to the automation system, handles the communication and coordination of the clients, and performs all archiving in the integrated Microsoft SQL database. WinCC clients access the configuration data of the server directly. Access rights are used to define the functions or plant sections that are available to a user on an operator station. The configured authorizations are user-related, not computer-related. They therefore work with all operator stations with the same login.


The following licenses are required for configuring a multi-user system:

  • WinCC Server license on the server in addition to a WinCC RT license

  • One WinCC Client license on each client.

Software and licenses

Article No.

Server licenses


WinCC Server V7.5 (License key for download)

WinCC Server V7.5 (License key on USB stick)

Client licenses


WinCC RT Client V7.5 (SW and license key for download)

WinCC RT Client V7.5 (SW on DVD/License key on USB-stick)

It is possible to increase system availability by means of redundancy for applications with WinCC by using

  • redundant servers,  

  • redundant communications paths  

  • and highly available controllers.

WinCC/Redundancy gives you the option to operate two interconnected WinCC single-user systems or servers in parallel to monitor one other. You will need one of the two redundancy licenses from the delivery kit of the options package for each redundant partner server. If one of the two server computers fails, the second server assumes control of the entire system. After the failed server is operative again, the contents of all message, process value and user archives as well as internal tags are synchronized online. In all, this leads to significantly higher system availability. You production remains online, even if a server should fail.


  • Increased system availability with continuous data integrity
  • Automatic switch-over when a server fails or the S7 communication to the server fails
  • Continuous operation and visualization through automatic switchover of the clients to the intact server
  • Automatic synchronization of all archives (process value and user archives), message information and internal tags in the background after a fault is cleared

Design and functions

Normally, two WinCC stations or process data servers run completely in parallel, which means each station has its own process connection and own archives. The clients that are connected to the servers can be distributed to the servers as required, which leads to a reduced load. When one of the two WinCC stations fails, the other takes over the archiving of messages, process data and user data. This ensures complete data integrity. In client/server mode, the clients are automatically switched from the failed server to the redundant partner. This ensures continuous plant visualization and operation on every operator station.

When a failed partner is restored, all of the archived process values, messages (including statuses, acknowledgements, lists and comments), data from the user archive of the failure period and internal tags are automatically synchronized with the partner in the background – without affecting the running system. Once this is complete, two equivalent servers/stations will be available again. The clients connected to the servers are distributed among their original server partners again. The automatic switchover to the redundant partner takes place not only when a server fails, but also in case of disturbed S7 process communication or faulty applications.


Additional increase in system availability

In addition to the option of using two servers connected in parallel via the WinCC/Redundancy option, you can also design the communication channels to the controller redundantly in a WinCC application. Two communications processors are plugged in and the communication paths are doubled. The use of fail-safe SIMATIC S7 controllers can, if required, further increase availability at the control level. Combining the system solutions creates a security concept that meets even high demands.


Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC/Redundancy for WinCC V7.5
License for one pair of servers (License Key for download)

WinCC/Redundancy for WinCC V7.5
License for one pair of servers (License Key on USB stick)

The SIMATIC Process Historian is a real-time database for a variety of products and versions that serves as central data interface to the company management level. It serves as central long-term archive for any amount of process data and messages from different data sources.

For WinCC V7 configurations SIMATIC Process Historian replaces the previous WinCC/CentralArchiveServer (CAS) option.

The WinCC/Web Navigator allows you to perform operator control and monitoring of your plant via the Internet or an in-house intranet without the need for changes to the WinCC project.
In addition to the typical use in WANs (Wide Area Networks), low-cost applications can also be implemented. Examples of these are solutions in the water/wastewater industry with highly decentralized structure or applications with sporadic access to process information (building management). In addition to this, Web clients can also be used as normal operator stations on the LAN.


  • Parallel web-based operator control and monitoring (MS Internet Explorer)

  • Integrated configuration and user administration / access authorizations

  • User-specific functionalities, e.g. language, plant (unit) view

  • Fast update rates (e.g. after value change, picture change)

  • Minimum maintenance costs thanks to centralized software administration

  • High Internet security standards

  • Remote monitoring using the secure WinCC Web Viewer application

  • Flexible thin client solutions for a variety of platforms (PC, on-site panel, mobile PDA)

  • Efficient remote diagnostics with WebDiagnostics server/client

  • Increased security and availability due to separation of WinCC and Web server

  • Maximum availability and performance thanks to Web server farms (load balancing)


Design and functions


For WinCC single-user systems or WinCC server/client systems, web-based solutions can be implemented with the WebNavigator. Operator control and monitoring of a WinCC project via the Internet or an intranet is possible from any Windows computers, which are referred to as WebNavigator clients.Only MS Internet Explorer is required on the client side. Simultaneous access to multiple Web servers and thus to multiple plants is even possible if this is started multiple times or its multi-tabbing functionality is used.


Security concept made to order

All Web operator stations are integrated into the user administration of the system. Authorization levels govern whether an operator can simply monitor the plant (view only) or has partial or full authorization for operator control and monitoring. Every login and logout can be traced via system events. For applications with very strict security requirements, logout after a user-defined time span is just as important as the ability to disable key combinations when it comes to security. Furthermore, the WebNavigator supports all commonly used IT security mechanisms such as routers, firewalls, proxy servers, SSL encryption and VPN technologies.


Thin client solutions

Inexpensive but lower-performance Windows PCs, rugged on-site devices (e.g. SIMATIC Thin Clients) and mobile clients (PDA – Personal Digital Assistant) can be connected via thin client solutions with Microsoft Terminal Services. Only minimum requirements are placed on the hardware here because the entire application, i.e. including the WebNavigator client, runs on the terminal server.
Siemens offers rugged SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients as operator terminals with high-resolution wide screen touch displays. These are optimally suited for use in harsh industrial environments.


Flexible remote diagnostics
The WebDiagnostics client was designed for maintenance and service of widely distributed plants. In this case, the Web licensing is made for a diagnostic client locally on a service computer instead of on the system servers. Through the diagnostic client, the service technician has secure access to any number of plants that have a WebNavigator server.


Dedicated Web server and Web server farms with load balancing

The WinCC Web Server can also be configured on a WinCC (SCADA) client for even more security and availability. Advantages of this solution:

  • Increased security and availability due to separation of the system server and Web server

  • Comprehensive Web solutions for multiple or redundant WinCC servers

Web server farms allow the number of Web clients to be increased as needed.
Advantages of this solution:

  • Higher performance through load balancing

  • Automatic switchover of the Web clients in the event a server fails




  • A (server-based) license is required for the WebNavigator. This is a graduated license based on the number of simultaneous Web client accesses, which can be incremented at any time using additive Web client licenses..

  • The WebNavigator client software can be installed as many times as required without the need for a license.

  • A (client-based) license is required for the WebNavigator diagnostics. This provides access to all Web servers with WebNavigator server WebNavigator diagnostic server license.

  • Licenses of WinCC/WebUX and WinCC/WebNaviagtor can be combined if necessary

Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC WebNavigator
for WinCC RT Professional V14 and WinCC V7.4

1 Client (countable) License Key for download

3 Clients (countable) License Key for download

10 Clients (countable) License Key for download

30 Clients (countable) License Key for download

100 Clients (countable) License Key for download

1 Client (countable) License Key on USB stick

3 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick

10 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick

30 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick

100 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick

WinCC WebNavigator Diagnostic client
for WinCC RT Professional V14 and WinCC V7.4

Single License (License Key for download)

Single License (License Key on USB stick)

WinCC Web Navigator up to V7.3
Up to Version 7.3 licensing was managed by purchasing packages with a maximum number of licenses which could be upgraded by powerpacks.
For further information see the > Industry Mall

WinCC/WebUX was developed for use on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other mobile devices that support an HTML 5 capable browser. No installation on the client end is required for using WebUX.

This flexible access to process and plant data expands the control center that is the standard today; it also gives users the option to purely monitor or operate depending on the area of application.
Individual access to production data gives users

  • fast
  • cost-effective
  • target-specific

information on all relevant data of a plant.

SIMATIC WinCC/TeleControl flexibly integrates remote terminal units into the central process visualization system of the entire plant via a WAN (Wide Area Network).
SIMATIC WinCC/TeleControl supports the three most importantinternational telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5 101/104, DNP V3 (serial or TCP/IP), and SINAUT ST7 (serial or TCP/IP).
The diverse supported network topologies and transmission protocols allow a flexible configuration according to individual requirements.

The software can be individually adapted to the requirements of a plant. The uniform user interface for local and remote processes minimizes the risk of errors.
Less time is required for training of employees because the same SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system is used for telecontrol and for the actual process visualization


Widely spread plants especially in the industries:
Water/Waste water

  • Water wells, pumping stations, Shut-off slides in water supply mains and irrigation systems

  • Rain overflow basins and lifting stations in sewage networks

  • Elevated tanks

Oil and gas industry

  • Compressor-, pressure control-, transition- and measuring stations in gas networks
  • Pumping stations and gate walves in oil pipelines


  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably.

  • Worldwide use and support of international telecontrol protocols (SINAUT ST7, IEC 60870, DNP3)

  • Flexible configurations to match individual requirements

  • High availability and data security due to redundancy concepts

  • Cost-efficient due to optimized data transmission

  • The uniform user interface for local and remote processes minimizes expenditure and the probability of errors

  • Remote programming with SIMATIC S7-RTUs

Design and functions

WinCC/TeleControl supports the following preferred remote terminal units for distributed automation on-site:

  • Controller integrated in ET 200S (Modbus, IEC 870-5-101/104 telecontrol protocols); for cost-sensitiv applications

  • Controllers S7-300/S7-300F (SINAUT ST7, DNP3, Modbus, IEC 870-5-101/104 telecontrol protocols); for extremely flexible configurations

  • Redundant controllers S7-400H/S7-400FH (IEC 870-5-101/104 and DNP3 telecontrol protocols) for higher requirements e.g on data security

  • Third party stations with telecontrol protocols Modbus, IEC 870-5-101 and IEC 870-5-104 (depending on station type)

WinCC/Telecontrol  can be individually adapted to the requirements of a plant.

  • Support of communication media with
    - serial interface, e.g., dedicated lines, dial-up connections (analog, ISDN)
    - radio transmission devices (standard, spread spectrum modulation), microwave and GSM
    - TCP/IP based WANs e.g., DSL, GPRS or Ethernet wireless networks

  • Network topologies – point-to-point, multidrop (multi-user mode) and hierarchical network structures

  • Cost-efficient due to reduced data volume by using event-driven communication mechanisms

  • Time synchronization of RTUs and correct time stamping of data

  • Prevention of data losses in case of communication failures

  • Redundancy for communication connections and servers


  • SIMATIC TeleControl for WinCC comprises an engineering and a runtime component

  • The Engineering Software  is delivered with a Floating License which allows you to install the software on as many computers as you like. For each license, one user can use the software no matter what computer they’re on, or where they’re working.

  • The Runtime Software is delivered with a Single License for one server and allows the connection to a defined number of stations according to the chosen package.

Software and licenses

Article No.

SIMATIC TeleControl for WinCC V7.4 Basic Engineeering


Floating License
Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick

SIMATIC TeleControl for WinCC V7.4 Server Runtime


Single License for 6 stations
Software on  DVD / License Key on USB stick

Single License for 12 stations
Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick

Single License for 256 stations
Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick

Single License for an unlimited number of stations
Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick



Upgrade package V7.0 to V7.4
Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick



SINAUT Driver Single License
License Key on USB stick

IEC 870-5-101/-104 Driver Single License
License Key on USB stick

DNP 3 Driver Single License
License Key on USB stick

Efficient operations management – the WinCC Runtime functionality

Manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex against a background of ever increasing quality requirements coupled with fast product changes and frequent modifications. To ensure the highest possible productivity at the same time, it has to be possible to make prompt, target-oriented decisions regarding process optimization at all levels of a company. This requires an integrated flow of information across all operating levels and locations.
SIMATIC WinCC provides you with high transparency and the basis for process optimization.  The intelligent use of information improves the processes in the company for a fast return on investment. This reduces costs, avoids waste, improves the utilization of production facilities and ultimately guarantees better efficiency and cost effectiveness for the company.

The WinCC/User Archives option allows the application of User Archives, in which related data is stored in data records.

WinCC and its automation partners (e.g. a SIMATIC S7 PLC) can write to these data records and exchange them among one another if required.


  • Storing and managing of any user data in data sets
  • Flexible display via WinCC User Archive Control, with optional table and form view
  • Easy connecting of data set fields to the process via direct tag connection
  • Import/export functions for further processing with other tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Design and functions

An operator, for example, can enter parameter sets (the operating parameters of a machine) in WinCC, store them in the user archive and forward them to the automation level as needed. On the other hand, an automation system can continuously acquire production parameters during a shift and send them to WinCC at the end of the shift. Further application examples are the acquisition of batch data, the specification of production parameters or the administration of storage management data.

WinCC user archives are conveniently created in a separate editor and preallocated with data.
Special ActiveX Controls, which are integrated in the object palette of WinCC Graphics Designer, are used to display data from the user archives during runtime. These controls can also run on the WebNavigator in an Internet environment.
The coupling of data sets and fields from user archives to the process is easily done via direct tag connection.


  • A license is only required for the server (or single-user system).


Article No.

WinCC/UserArchives V7.4 Runtime Single License
License Key for download

WinCC/UserArchives V7.4 Runtime Single License
License Key on USB stick

WinCC/UserArchives V7.3 Runtime Single License
License Key for download

WinCC/UserArchives V7.3 Runtime Single License
License Key on USB stick

WinCC/Audit is for monitoring changes in operator activities in runtime operation as well as for recording project changes at the engineering stage. The system records all the change data in a secure database known as the Audit Trail. You can view the Audit Trail using the Audit Viewer.

This means that using WinCC/Audit provides continuous traceability of both operator activities and changes to projects and, at the same time, also helps machine tool builders and plant operators to reduce the amount of engineering time and effort involved in complying with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and EU 178/2002. The engineering measures that are necessary for making validation easier are documented in a white paper.


  • Reliable recording of operator actions and project changesin Audit Trails

  • Project versioning and document control  

  • Compliant with the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  

  • Reduced engineering effort to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 & EU 178/200


Design and functions

Monitoring runtime operation

In runtime operation the system records the following in the audit trail:

  • Operating activities carried out,

  • Activities within the scope of central user management using SIMATIC Logon  

  • Starting and changing recipes

Apart from this, plant operators can individually record specific events by means of an audit entry function:

  • Operation of pushbuttons and sliders  

  • Record Pressing of a key

Audit Trail database and Audit Viewer

The Audit Trail database stores all the change data that is subject to document control; this includes user actions, confi guration changes and other changes. Components of Audit Trails include:

  • date and time of the change

  • project ID, PC and database name  

  • old value and the new one

  • user name

  • event/function

  • Comment/reason for change

The system visualizes the Audit Trail data by means of the Audit Viewer. Operators use filters to selectively set the desired view of the Audit Trail data and they can export this data to an Excel file. The Audit Trail data is stored securely on a tamper-proof basis and this means that you cannot change or delete it.

This means that WinCC/Audit meets the FDA requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 in this respect too.

Tracking project changes

Monitoring project changes is possible with WinCC/Audit and with the option package WinCC/ChangeControl as well. In this connection, WinCC differentiates between configuration changes that affect the WinCC database, e.g. changes in Tag Management or creating a user group and configuration changes that are limited to changes to files, what is known as document control. Document control involves process pictures, scripts and log layouts and customer-specific documents. This means that WinCC/Audit can monitor all these documents or files for changes, create intermediate versions or retrieve them using a rollback function. The entire monitoring process can be activated very easily and conveniently. This means that in the case of plant standstills, for example, plant engineers and operators can quickly and easily comprehend the changes that have been made to the plant. This supports trouble-shooting and reduces plant downtimes.


Using a project versioning tool 

  • WinCC projects can be archived, restored and deleted,  

  • WinCC data including the project database, project files (e.g. screens, reports, scripts) and user documents can be archived

  • Activities of the project versioning tool can be recorded  

In this way all changes made to a plant beginning from the production start and continuing throughout the entire life cycle can be recorded and - using defined versions - be documented.


  • WinCC Audit Complete Packages comprise Engineering and Runtime Software.
    The license is valid for one engineering station and an operator station, for wich an audit trail is to be generated

  • Each additional operator station with an audit trail needs a Runtime license.

Software and licenses

Article No.

Complete packages WinCC Audit V7.5


WinCC Audit V7.5 Runtime and Engineering
SW and License key for download

WinCC Audit V7.5 Runtime and Engineering
SW on CD/License key on USB stick

Runtime licenses WinCC Audit V7.5


WinCC Audit V7.5 Runtime
SW and License key for download

WinCC Audit V7.5 Runtime
SW on CD/License key on USB stick



WinCC Audit V7.4 Runtime and Engineering to V7.5
SW and License key for download

WinCC Audit V7.4 Runtime and Engineering to V7.5
SW on CD/License key on USB stick

The SIMATIC Information Server gives you transparent access to plant information at any time. Historical plant data can be simply compiled in web-based dashboards or reports without programming knowledge.

This ensures comprehensive access to plant information for each target group in the company (managers, quality assurance, maintenance) at all times.

With the WinCC Performance Monitor, plant-specific key figures for individual devices, machines, or entire production lines can be calculated and analyzed in machine or line-oriented production plants.

The WinCC Performance Monitor offers reliable analyses on:

  • OEE  - Overall Equipment Efficiency

  • MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures

  • MRT - Mean Repair Time

  • and further Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The production equipment can be defined individually depending on the specific plant.

The option WinCC/Downtime Monitor which was used in a comparable area of application will no longer be released for WinCC V7.2 and higher.

Area of application

Management and quality assurance


  • Complete transparency for all machines as basis for optimizing the plant's productivity:
  • Logging of downtimes, localization of causes and reasons for downtimes, and monitoring of equipment efficiency
  • Basis for decision making based on performance indicators
  • Reports of the InformationServer available worldwide and target-group-oriented for each user
  • Identification of production interrelationships by combining key figures with associated values ​​such as material used


Maintenance and repair


  • Minimum training period and simple configuration due to the integration into the SCADA System

  • Standardization of new systems by defining control-based status information to calculate key figures

  • Individual, targeted analysis through plant-specific key figures via Intra- or Internet

  • Adding additional plant performance indicators out of existing process data during the on-going operation

  • Weak point analysis in production processes and detection of undesirable process behavior

  • Cause analysis through examination of the basis for calculation "drilldown to operands"

  • Identification of events that lead to cost-intensive failures

Line management and system operators

  • Analysis of performance indicators can be displayed as table, Performance- or Gantt chart also in the WinCC/WebNavigator
  • Subsequent correction of archived input values
  • Continuous information at the operator interface through integration in the WinCC user interface
  • Flexible calculation of the performance indicators using different time frames
    (cyclic, interval or event-driven)
  • Quick identification of weak points in the process through cyclical key figure calculation




Using the WinCC Performance Monitor makes it possible to show the weak points of the production and to derive suitable optimization potential.

  • Flexible – Individual calculation of plant specific performance indicators within SIMATIC WinCC
  • Reaching the goal quickly – because of the integration in WinCC short configuration- and training period
  • Setting up correlations - recognizing performance indicators within the content e.g. quality per vendor
  • Being optimally informed – Analysing of the performance indicators and displaying them as bar- or Gantt – diagram or as a table also using the Web
  • Viewing everything at any time – Target–group oriented analysis reports using the SIMATIC Information Server
  • Extendable – Adding of performance indicators within existing plants without any loss of production

Design and functions

Fault analyses provide information about the frequency and duration of machine or plant downtimes. Corresponding display instruments can be effortlessly integrated in WinCC process pictures.
The determined data gives information on the effectiveness of individual machines and of entire production plants.The transparency of the data allows for a quick response and countermeasures in the event of faults, which increases the availability of the machine.

  • Structuring of the production plant into individual equipment units as central components for evaluations (equipment efficiency)
  • Applicable for single machines as well as for complete plants

  • Simple integration into existing plants which are controlled by WinCC

  • Calculation of the operands via freely definable formulas from preconfigured WinCC tags

  • Cyclical or event-driven calculation of key figures based on archived operands

  • Combination of key figures for associated values, e.g. material used, produces production contexts

  • If needed, key figures can be written to WinCC tags (for example, trend display of the key value)

All of the analysis results are integrated in the form of controls in WinCC screens. Performance- Gantt- and table views are available in WinCC- process pictures but also using the WinCC/WebNavigator.
A distinction is made between several different display instruments:

  • Bar chart for analysis of key figures and their associated values.
  • Determination of causes (drilldown) by displaying the input values ​​(operands)
  • Tabular display of all operands (input values)
  • Gantt chart for time-based operands

Web-based, user-specific reports with the SIMATIC Information Server.

  • Optimizing of the overall plant productivity based on the full transparency of the machinery
  • Recognizing the production-oriented contexts by combining of performance indicators with associated values, e.g. used materials
  • Calculation of downtimes and recognizing their reasons
  • Analysis of weak points within production processes


  • The basic package consists of the configuration environment, the runtime controls (bars, Gantt chart, table) and the license to archive 30 values.

  • If more values must be archived they can be increased in steps of 30, 100, 300 or 1000 archive values (countable tags)

Software and licenses

Article No.:

WinCC Performance Monitor Basic Packages


Basic Package for WinCC V7.5 incl 30 Archive Tags
Software and License Key for download

Basic Package for WinCC V7.5 incl 30 Archive Tags
Software on DVD/License Key on USB stick

WinCC Performance Monitor Archive Tags


30 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key for download

100 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key for download

300 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key for download

1000 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key for download

30 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key on USB stick

100 Archive Tags countable for WinCC from V7.2
License Key on USB stick

300 Archive Tags countable for WinCC fromV7.2
License Key on USB stick

1000 Archive Tags countable for WinCC ab V7.2
License Key on USB stick



Upgrade from V7.4 to V7.5
Software and License Key for download

Upgrade from V7.4 to V7.5
Software on DVD/License Key on USB stick

The Calendar Options supplement WinCC with calendar-based functions:

You can use the Calendar Scheduler to trigger time-based actions;

the Event Notifier sends messages depending on specific events in the WinCC message system.



  • Simple and reliable scheduling of events and actions
  • User-friendly HMI in the style of Microsoft Office
  • Easy to send important messages to a defined groupof people at a defined time by email or text message
  • Guaranteed comprehensibility:
    events and actions are logged and displayed in the WinCC alarm logging

WinCC/Calendar Scheduler

The Calendar Scheduler supplements WinCC by a calendar-based HMI in the style of Microsoft Office. It includes editors with which events and associated actions can be configured and managed. The planned events and actions can be connected directly to WinCC tags or global scripts. In order to control the plant process, several calendars, events and associated actions can be created, filtered, edited and managed. For example, the action editor can be used to execute program scripts. The editor supports events which occur regularly.

Multi-level user privileges protect the scheduling from unauthorized access. The message system logs and displays every action carried out. This guarantees comprehensibility of the corresponding events.

WinCC/Event Notifier

You can use the Event Notifier to set which people in a defined time period are notified about specific events. The events are associated with messages in the WinCC message system. Contacts can even be selected as potential messaging targets from the WinCC user administration during runtime. The messages can be sent via email or via a provider gateway as text message(SMS) to a mobile phone.

If multiple groups of people are defined for messaging in the same time frame, different escalation times (i.e. delay time before messaging) can be realized. This means that group 2 is only messaged if none of the people "on-site" or the previously messaged people have responded within the configured escalation time. When someone reacts to the triggering event, allpersons messaged receive an acknowledgment.

Calendar Control is configured in the Graphics Designer and can be dynamized with all WinCC standard mechanisms such as tag connection, VBS, C, direct connections or dynamic dialogs in WinCC.


  • WinCC/ Calendar Scheduler and WinCC/ Event Notifier comprise Engineering and Runtime Software, a license is only necessary on the server (or single user system)

  • The software package "Upgrade for WinCC Calendar option" is a shared upgrade for both options.

Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC/ Calendar Scheduler


Single License Runtime and Engineering SW Version 7.5
Software and License Key for download

Single License Runtime and Engineering SW Version 7.5
Software on CD / License Key on USB stick

WinCC/ Event Notifier


Single License Runtime and Engineering SW Version 7.5
Software and License Key for download

Single License Runtime and Engineering SW Version 7.5
Software on CD / License Key on USB stick

Upgrade WinCC Calendar Options


Upgrade V7.4 to V7.5
Software and License Key for download

Upgrade V7.4 to V7.5
Software on CD / License Key on USB stick

Increased productivity is being achieved more and more by cutting costs. In this context, the focus is increasingly on maintenance. The emphasis here is on rectifying faults as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ideally, the operating personnel should also perform part of the maintenance tasks. The operating personnel are on-site, they are familiar with the procedures and can intervene quickly. This saves time and reduces costs. It is precisely here that ProAgent can assist operating personnel in identifying faults quickly, particularly in the automotive and machine tool industries.


  • Component of Totally Integrated Automation: Increases productivity, minimizes engineering outlay, reduces lifecycle costs

  • Support for troubleshooting, increased machine and plant availability, shorter downtimes

  • No additional configuration costs for the diagnostics functionality due to automatic generation of the diagnostics- related parts for the controller and HMI

  • Frees up controller capacity with regard to memory requirements and program execution time

  • No special knowledge required to operate

Design and functions

In the event of a process fault, process error diagnostics with SIMATIC ProAgent will provide information about the location and cause of that fault and support personnel with troubleshooting. The ProAgent solution has been optimized specifically for use with SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 and SIMATIC WinAC. It can be used in combination with the S7-PDIAG, S7-GRAPH STEP 7 engineering tools. The ProAgent option package features standard displays that are updated with process-specific data during runtime.


Standard views instead of configuration 

ProAgent is available for various devices and software platforms from the SIMATIC HMI range: Panels and Multi Panels, WinCC flexible and WinCC. ProAgent contains standard views, which are attuned to the requirements of the process error diagnosis of a plant or machine. During configuration, the data that is relevant to process error diagnostics such as symbols, comments and alarm texts are saved in a standardized data management system. During runtime, the standard screens are then filled with process-specific data.

For SIMATIC WinCC, ProAgent directly accesses the engineering data and imports it into the WinCC project. The ProAgent standard screens needed for the diagnostics mode are automatically created in WinCC. ProAgent and STEP 7 engineering tools represent a standardized diagnostics concept for SIMATIC S7. No additional configuration overhead for the WinCC application is thus required for the diagnostics functionality. The standard views are: alarm view, unit overview, diagnostics detailed view, motion view and the sequencer operating display.


Functional scope

  • Context-sensitive diagnostics initiation due to process error message

  • Output of the operands with symbols and comment Switch-over capability between LAD, STL and signal list

  • Supporting fault rectification by means of direct process access when using the motion view

  • Output of the faulty operands directly in the alarm including address, symbol and comment

  • Consistency test in runtime: Inconsistent diagnostics units are marked with icons. This permits quick locating of faults regarding configured data in the commissioning phase.

  • Direct, unit-related entry point in the diagnostics view from user displays (by using ProAgent functions)

  • Unit or alarm-related entry to STEP 7, e.g. LAD/STL/FBD editor, S7-GRAPH, HW CONFIG upon system error messages, is supported fully automatically

  • S7-GRAPH OCX for the graphical display of step sequences (overview display)


  • Runtime software, one license is required for each piece of target hardware.

Software and licenses

Article No.

Option package WinCC/ProAgent V7.5


SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent V7.5 Runtime SW Single License,
Software and License Key for download

SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent V7.5 Runtime SW Single License,
Software on DVD /License Key on USB stick



Upgrade WinCC/ProAgent V7.4 to V7.5
Software and License Key for download

Upgrade WinCC/ProAgent V7.4 to V7.5
Software on DVD /License Key on USB stick

WinCC/SES (Sequence Execution System) is a WinCC option designed for the sequence control of recipe- and sequence based processes like mixing processes in the food and beverage production. Using predefined visualization templates and function blocks a very high level of engineering efficiency can be achieved. That’s why plant designers as well as plant engineers can save as well engineering time as also test- and commissioning time.

Area of application

WinCC/SES is designed to use in manufacturing facilities where dosing, mixing as well as material handling is very important. In such plants the raw materials which are stored in tanks, silos or vessels have to be combined in the right order with reactors and processing machines. – This has to work with several processing steps up to the final product. The plant operator has to define the production steps within his production unit. He also has to set the production parameters like the set points and he has to define the production flow using sequences


  • Minimized engineering effort because of standardization

  • Quality intensification due to efficient  operational management

  • Flexible production paths are possible leading to a consistent load within the production processes

  • Fine adjustment of the production processes while the behavior of the natural resources drift

  • Real-time behavior because the single steps are processed in the PLC.

  • High availability

  • Low training- and operational costs

Design and functions

A high system availability and fast reaction time are typical for the WinCC/SES module because of the fact that the sequences are processed on the PLC and not on the PC.
That is the reason why on one hand real-time behavior is achieved because of the much faster cycle time of the PLCs. On the other hand it also increases the failure-safety because if the batch has started it is still processed even if the PC crashes. After production start the SES control displays all steps and production parameters like set points and actual values as well as the actual state of the production step in a very clear and transparent manner. Due to that fact for an operator it is possible to adjust production processes very fast during normal operation for example by changing the sequence of the steps manually. This for example can be necessary if the quality of the natural resources varies or if it is necessary to change the order of the steps to reach flexible paths through the production process


  • In addition to the basic software SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 the option package WinCC/SES V7.5 needs an installed  STEP 7 V5.5 SP4 controller software.
  • The Basic Package allows to control 2 sub plants (so called units).
  • You can increase the number of units in steps of 5 by purchasing Extentions  (countable licenses).

Software and licenses

Article No.

WinCC/SES V 7.5 Basic Packages


WinCC/SES V 7.5 Basic Package incl.2 Units
Software and License Key for download

WinCC/SES V 7.5 Basic Package incl.2 Units
Software on DVD /License Key on USB stick

Extention Units


5 Units countable License Key for download

5 Units countable License Key on USB stick



WinCC/SES Upgrade V 7.4 to V 7.5 Basic Package
Software and License Key for download

WinCC/SES Upgrade V7.4 to V 7.5 Basic Package
Software on DVD /License Key on USB stick

Upgrade to Extention Unit V7.4 to V7.5
5 Units countable License Key for download

Upgrade to Extention Unit  V7.4 to V7.5
5 Units countable License Key on USB stick

Options providing openness for special requests

Thanks to the support of international standards as well as native script and  
programming interfaces, also special requests can be easily realized.

We rely on manufacturer-independent communication for the integration of existing hardware as well as for easy  integration in the IT world.  

WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge uses standard interfaces to connect the automation level (controls) with the IT world and to ensure a bidirectional flow of information.

Systems from different manufacturers can be integrated by using a variety of standard interfaces (e.g., OPC, OLE-DB, SQL). The easy configuration (without programming) saves time and prevents errors. The integration into the WinCC system and its user administration as well as the alternative use as system service guarantee the security of the transmission.

In WinCC, non-proprietary communication in the field of automation has always been very important.

WinCC has as standard an integrated OPC DA 3.0 server (Data Access) that gives you access to all the online values in the system and, on the other hand, can as a client read data from another application - across the Web too. The WinCC/ Connectivity Pack offers additional options.

This means that the system can transfer pre-processed process and production data to higher level systems for information conditioning (e.g. Manufacturing Execution Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning systems or office packages, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.)


  • Simple IT and business integration by means of standard interface.  

  • Access to online and historical data from any computers you like via standard interfaces. (OPC XML DA, OPC HDA, OPC A&E, WinCC OLE-DB)

  • Further processing or analysis of data using separate tools is possible.

Design and functions

Access to messages and historical data via OPC / WinCC OLE-DB

The WinCC/Connectivity Pack includes the OPC HDA 1.1 (Historical Data Access) and OPC A&E 1.0 (Alarm & Events) servers for accessing historical data of the WinCC archive system or for transferring/acknowledging messages. As an OPC XML DA 1.0 server, WinCC can even send data on a cross-platform basis across the Web to PPS/MES systems; in the opposite direction, it can take OPC XML DA client order or recipe data. As an HDA server WinCC makes available historical data from the WinCC archive system to other applications. The OPC client (e.g. a reporting tool) can specify the start and end times of a time interval and thus selectively request the data to be transferred. Apart from this, the client can request already conditioned data from the HDA server, i.e. actively trigger data compression before the data is transferred. The OPC HDA server can also be used in redundant configurations.

In OPC A&E, the system displays a WinCC message as an alarm and, together with all the ancillary process values, passes it on to any subscribers on the production or company management levels. Due to the filter mechanisms and subscriptions, the system only transfers selected, changed data. It is, of course, also possible to carry out acknowledgement at the MES or ERP level.

The WinCC OLE-DB Provider makes it possible to directly access the archive data that WinCC stored in the Microsoft SQL Server database (alarms, process values, user data). In this connection, you can even use statistic functions. From a WinCC multi-client, a transparent process data access via the OLE DB is now also possible to redundant WinCC systems and distributed configurations with central archive server. For the addressing, only the symbolic computer name is needed.


If process visualization is not needed at a station, you can use this WinCC option package to configure any Windows computer you like as a connectivity station with access to WinCC via OPC and WinCC OLE-DB without needing a WinCC installation to do so.


  • A Connectivity Pack license is required for every WinCC system to be accessed.

  • If the Connectivity Station is used, an additional Connectivity Pack license does not have to be installed on the WinCC systems that are accessed


Article No.

WinCC Connectivity Pack V7.5


Single License License Key for Download

Single License License Key  on USB stick

WinCC Connectivity Station V7.5


Single License License Key for Download

Single License License Key  on USB stick

Would you like to considerably expand the functionality of WinCC for a sector-specific application? Do you want to integrate your own data in WinCC tools, e.g. the reporting and logging system?

The WinCC options package Open Development Kit WinCC/ODK specifies open programming interfaces, which you can use to gain access to data and functions of the WinCC configuration and runtime system. The interfaces are designed as C-Application Programming Interface (C-API). Programming examples show the use of C# and VB.NET with WinCC /ODK.


Starting with  WinCC V7.2  the former option WinCC/IndustrialX is part of the Open Development Kit

WinCC/IndustrialX is an option that further simplifies the solving of a visualization task by standardization of user-specific objects. No separate display object is required any more for each motor, pump, valve, etc., instead objects of the same type are standardized. Engineering become more cost-efficient, if functions and displays can be used repeatedly.


  • Individual system expansions via an open standard programming language (C++, C#, VB.NET)

  • Access to data and functions of the WinCC configuration and runtime system  

  • Development of your own applications and add-ons for the WinCC basic system

  • Easy creation using configuration wizards

  • Fast-track starting due to the use of standards: ActiveX technology, creation using Visual Basic

  • Central creation and modification of object representations of the same type (type-coding) saves you time and money

  • Configuration of intelligent, vertical market and technology-specific objects (graphic representation and logical processing) with expertise protection

  • Can be used on a diverse basis: in WinCC pictures and other Windows applications (e.g. Internet Explorer, Excel)

Design and functions

For example, ODK functions can be used

  • to generate a message  

  • to determine the value of a tag  

  • to change the object properties in a screen 

  • to export a database table

IndustrialX employs the ActiveX technology for the process visualization. Configuration wizards make the creation of your own standard displays easy. IndustrialX controls are flexible and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the most varied applications, for example specific for applications in the chemical, glass or paper manufacturing industries. IndustrialX offers code templates for easy linking customerspecific ActiveX controls to WinCC data sources that are themselves suitable for use on Web Navigator clients.


Quick and easy to configure 

Using the IndustrialX Control Designer, you create one IndustrialX control for process objects of the same type, e.g. for several motors. Linking is carried out of the individual data of a data record e.g. the target value, actual value, temperature and operating mode. Once you have created the IndustrialX control, you can integrate it into pictures as often as you like. At integration, you only need to specify the name of the data record. At runtime, each integration of the IndustrialX Control then automatically works with the data of the assigned data record. Each time the IndustrialX Control is used, you do not need to spend time and effort on linking the individual data.


Carry out modifications on a central basis

If you have a lot of IndustrialX Controls, which are already integrated in process pictures, you can easily change them later. Such changes are made once at a central location and can affect the graphic representation as well as the processing logic. All the changes affect all the IndustrialX controls in all the process pictures that have already been configured. If, for example, there are 47 motors of the same type in a plant that are visualized in 13 different process pictures using IndustrialX controls, you only need to make the changes once at a central location. These changes are then effective everywhere. This obviates the need to carry out time-consuming, errorprone changes at 47 different locations!


Rapid processing,  know-how protected

IndustrialX controls are composed of compiled Visual Basic code that guarantees fast, effective processing. The technological know-how that you invested in creating your controls can - if necessary - be protected from copying if the source code is not supplied.


In the delivery kit for WinCC/ODK there is a CD-ROM with several examples and documentation.


Article No.

SIMATIC WinCC/ODK V7.4 Software for download

SIMATIC WinCC/ODK V7.4 Software on CD

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