The heart of efficient automation – integrated engineering

Integrated Engineering

The increasingly complex processes in industrial manufacturing result in more requirements on automation technology regarding performance, functionality and efficiency. The key is integrated engineering – Siemens supplies the answer with the current automation technology and its base, the TIA Portal.


Shorten your time to market

Prepare your engineering system or engineering process for the challenges of tomorrow

All important automation components are integrated into the TIA Portal, so you can program everything from controllers, peripherals, and drives to HMI, safety, and motion control or even energy management. A consistent database and libraries with commonly used functions make engineering faster and even easier.

Reduce your engineering time

The TIA Portal lets you integrate all the key components in your automation project:

Safety, security, control, HMI, drives, decentralized peripherals and now also motion control and power distribution. Fewer repeated inputs, a shared database and a standardized user interface for all tasks help reduce your engineering time.

  • New: support for redundant and highly available applications with SIMATIC S7-1500 R/H CPUs
  • New: integration of all SINAMICS converter systems into SINAMICS Startdrive – new: SINAMICS S210
  • Drive solutions – an integral part of the TIA Portal
    Thanks to the powerful combination of SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU and the servo drive SINAMICS V90 with PROFINET
  • Electrification as an integral component

    Thanks to integration of the 3VA molded case circuit breaker and the 7KM PAC measuring devices
  • Network integration and hardware diagnostics for all SIMATIC IPCs

    Thanks to PC Station 2.1

Less coordination needed thanks to system-supported synchronization

With TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering, multiple people can access a project at the same time. Synchronization is automatic. You can flexibly process tasks and complete them simultaneously – both device-oriented and task-based.

  • NEW: Work on a project together as part of a team

    and administer it flexibly on a server using Multiuser Engineering, commissioning mode, and software units
  • Promote corporate standards
Using basic definition and administration in the TIA Portal
  • Easy to combine HMI and PLC
    By using the substitute PLC
  • Shared online commissioning

    Observe a control system with up to five developers online simultaneously

Fix errors to minimize extra work

You reduce the amount of extra work by reliably identifying errors and quickly correcting them with numerous programming code templates. Many new and efficient diagnostic tools as well as cyclical system test recordings provide help in analyzing sporadic errors during commissioning.

  • Targeted support with multiple program code templates

    Thanks to the new help system
  • Many new and efficient diagnostic options

    Such as content-based comparison and new diagnostic functions
  • Cyclical system test recordings
    During commissioning and to analyze sporadic errors thanks to integrated trace functionality

Create solutions faster

Develop your solutions even faster thanks to automatic generation of HMI visualization with the SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc), fast and easy machine and plant diagnostic, efficient energy management system implementation as well as automatic program creation using software generators that are linked via the TIA Portal Openness interface.

  • Automatic generation of HMI visualization
    Using the SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc)
  • Fast and simple machine and plant diagnostics
    Using automatic code generation and graphic monitoring display with machine and plant diagnostic (SIMATIC ProDiag)
  • Easily implement efficient energy management
    Thanks to the intuitive configuration of measuring components and automatic generation of the PLC program using SIMATIC Energy Suite
  • Automatic program generation by using third-party systems to control the TIA Portal
    Via the public API TIA Portal Openness

Avoid extra work

Thanks to the comprehensive library concept, you can easily reuse all project objects and thus avoid extra work. Safeguard your specialist knowledge over the long term with know-how-protected blocks, and easily further develop existing systems and projects in TIA Portal.

  • Easily reuse all project objects

    Including a versioning and update function thanks to the comprehensive library concept
  • Reliably safeguard expertise over the long term
    dUsing know-how-protected blocks
  • Easily refine existing plant and projects in the TIA Portal
    Using supported migration of existing projects

Discover the whole TIA Portal software portfolio

With the TIA Portal you integrate not only the basic software (STEP 7, WinCC, SINAMICS Startdrive, SIMOCODE ES and SIMOTION SCOUT TIA) but benefit also from additional functionalities with new options like TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering and energy management with SIMATIC Energy Suite in a single interface. 


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