Robot integration in the TIA Portal

Integrated programming of automation and robots

The digital transformation is opening up new chances to reduce downtimes, cut operating costs and increase productivity. Constant growth in networking between machines and plants means additional potential can be expected from the integration of robots into the automation environment. To make efficient use of the resulting advantages, however, you need to be able to combine the programming and operation of both plant and robots. PLC experts can make this a reality using the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), with no need for extra tools, in a shared development environment.

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Integrate robots faster and easier

Robot integration in the TIA Portal makes it possible to achieve more and reduce your engineering expenses and the complexity of operations at the same time. It’s an efficient way of bringing robots and the PLC environment together.
At a glance

Robots and automation work hand in hand

The integration of robots in automation systems is playing an increasingly important role. With the TIA Portal you’ll find the programming easy and efficient.
In detail

Teaching and simulation of robot functions

Integrating robots into your automation environment using the TIA Portal is ideal for teaching applications like palletizing and pick-and-place. Connecting PLM software like Process Simulate to the TIA Portal also supports simulation applications like welding, gluing or sorting.

Get started immediately with ready-to-use solutions

Robot integration into TIA Portal enables you to start immediately without programming in the engineering tool. After configuring the robot, simply download our application examples that control the robot thanks to ready-to-use. You can create and follow paths for the robot directly via the HMI. The robot vendor doesn’t matter for operations because we offer vendor-agnostic faceplates.

We’ll provide you with regular updates with news about the TIA Portal.

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How will you integrate robots into your automation environment in the future?

Reduce times to market, improve flexibility and efficiency: digitalization offers both challenges and opportunities. By integrating robots into the TIA Portal, you get the chance to benefit from additional optimization potential, in addition to increasing your availability and productivity. 

We’ll provide you with regular updates with news about the TIA Portal.

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