Empower your data value – with consistent process engineering and design

COMOS – Making data work. Oil and gas will remain essential sources of energy for the foreseeable future. In terms of plants engineering and documentation, however, these resources present very specific requirements. Businesses that work in this area already have the data they need to improve their efficiency – and that’s where an integrated information management system like COMOS can help achieve much higher efficiency and contribute to safe plant operation in compliance with regulations.
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Time-consuming and complex processes

The oil and gas industries use an extensive range of processes. The path from first well to end product is generally very complex – and extremely time-consuming. In an environment where low oil prices are the new norm, EPCs and operators need to re-think the entire lifecycle.

At the very beginning of a project, it’s essential to have a precise cost calculation. This will prevent cost uncertainties from emerging as the project progresses and stop costs from unexpectedly going through the roof. Even so, there’s a high risk of error when making this kind of calculation. It isn’t uncommon to have only fragmentary details on what's actually required. And the time needed for engineering is often extended unpredictably, so you lose your comprehensive overview. That’s why it’s vital to plan consistently for a successful outcome when designing a new plant: from ultramodern production and storage vessels (floating production, storage, and offloading units, FPSOs) to concepts for deep-sea drilling.

Offshore projects are especially challenging

Insufficient human resources on the offshore team can also obstruct consistent data management. An integrated data and information platform like COMOS will cover all the engineering and operation processes in this area. The software provides systematic support for individual steps in the process, while simultaneously allowing consistent workflows on all levels. An uninterrupted flow of information is guaranteed.

COMOS – Making data work.

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Consistent process engineering and design

Digitalization in Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

One of the most important tasks for the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase lies in producing an initial cost calculation and a clear representation of the process flows. The integrated software solution COMOS provides the basis for the initial ballpark calculation right at this early planning stage. Entire processes, flow directions, and the relationship between the various sequences can all be represented using COMOS.

COMOS is the world’s unique software solution that lets you integrate engineering and operation on a single database. The open system architecture relies on maximum flexibility and integration for data import and export, and serves at the same time as a uniform basis for systems to use – a “single source of truth.” Among other things, COMOS enables an efficient Front End Engineering Design (FEED) as a basis for the initial cost estimate. Block-flow diagrams clearly depict entire processes and serve as the basis for efficiently creating process flow diagrams (PFDs). By integrating and managing simulation data, COMOS enables the integrated management of run cases and variants. The knowledge base in COMOS FEED lets you create end-to-end rules to generate error-free process flow charts. These can then be easily and consistently converted into piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)

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Fewer engineering applications, parallel operations

As an integrated software solution for comprehensive plant asset management, COMOS significantly reduces the number of software tools needed for engineering. All the disciplines involved in engineering oil and gas industry plants can work in parallel using a uniform database.

For EPCs, using COMOS means that you can be confident that project handovers are efficient and fully documented. COMOS allows both shared and distributed work on the same plant object – in real time and with no loss of data. This standardized data platform ensures a comprehensive flow of project-relevant data across all phases of the project and at all company levels. A central status report for the plant (including part-tasks) can be accessed at any time. The ideal planning support for both engineering and operation that this provides makes it possible to prepare a ballpark calculation of costs in the very early planning stages. The quality of plant data is enhanced, and the task of extracting, processing, and distributing crude oil or natural gas products is faster as a result. You face fewer risks and your compliance is improved.

Thanks to our innovative engineering concept and the COMOS software, we can run work processes simultaneously and with improved data quality,
Stein Schjerve, engineering department CIO at Aker Solutions

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A virtual plant for real-life success

COMOS, the complete software solution, offers the basis of the digital twin of your plant.

Digitalized and intelligent data generated by COMOS is used to create a digital twin. The digital twin is the epitome of the plant digitalization – a virtual copy of an asset (or collection of assets) that’s designed to help organizations better understand the lifecycle of their equipment and facilities. The digital twin is the source of ongoing and substantial advantages for companies in the oil and gas industry. It can be used to perform process and automation tests and operational training sessions and to examine “what if” scenarios. The intelligent 3D view offered for design, P&IDs, and maintenance planning ensures an ideal overview and makes plant data transparent at all times. The use of digital twins will reduce project costs, drive efficiency and it’s the ideal foundation for the digital transformation in the Oil & Gas industry. Opting for COMOS helps you create or develop the digital twin of your project and ensures that your systems will be truly future-proofed.


Consistent process engineering and design in practice

Solutions for creating data value are already being successfully implemented. Discover sample applications that demonstrate how COMOS can help increase the value of your data in actual practice.

Empower your data value with consistent process engineering and design

The oil and gas market is heavily regulated. The time and cost pressures are enormous. Using the COMOS integrated software solution can significantly reduce the design and engineering costs associated with planning your plant.   Want to talk to our experts? Contact us: