Empower your data value – with Virtual plants

COMOS – Making data work. As providers of essential sources of energy worldwide, the Oil and Gas industry faces enormous pressure.  Challenges include the complex technical and high-risk environment and the remoteness of offshore plants. By using the integrated software solution COMOS, operators in the oil and gas industry can generate a three-dimensional virtual model of their facilities. The virtual plant unites both real and virtual worlds by storing equipment data on a single reliable data platform. 
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Complex processes, dangerous environments

With an extensive variety of processes in the oil and gas industry, the journey from the first well to the end product is extremely complex. The often dangerous environments like remote oil platforms present plant operators with tremendous challenges.

Easy access oil reservoirs has nearly been depleted worldwide. Onshore oil fields are steadily dwindling. In the future, more oil will have to be extracted from deep beneath the ocean floor, but remote offshore oil rigs increase the cost pressure in the industry even more. How can operators keep reliable track of complex, remote equipment? How can they ensure efficient maintenance? How should they train employees in order to guarantee optimal operational safety in often dangerous environments? How can they perform fast commissioning or rapid recommissioning after a modernization?

Using data to find customized solutions

Making use of existing equipment data is an important factor, especially in such challenging environments. Operators who empower their data value can guarantee optimal equipment availability and permanently reduce their operating costs. An integrated software solution like COMOS offers a uniform data platform for efficient processes – and is also used to create a virtual plant. Operators can use it for maintenance and training purposes, thereby considerably reducing their costs.

COMOS – Making data work.

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Virtual plants

Going offshore online

The integrated COMOS software solution for comprehensive plant management makes it possible to create realistic three-dimensional plants in virtual reality as a basis for virtual maintenance and training.

Going offshore online: COMOS makes it possible. COMOS turns technicians into avatars in a virtual model of the real plant. From their computer, they have reliable access to all equipment data, all technical data, and all maintenance information. The data is linked to a 3D visualization tool that can do much more than a conventional 3D CAD viewer. For technicians, this means that they don’t have to be on-site on a potentially dangerous offshore platform; instead, they can plan, visualize, and simulate maintenance activities ahead of time onshore. Thanks to COMOS, the equipment that needs maintenance is displayed on a screen realistically and in three dimensions. The details and history of the technical components – for example, the date of installation, number of hours in operation, and information on previous maintenance – can be retrieved with a mouse click, saving operators a significant amount of time and money and at the same time increasing equipment availability and operational safety.

Training technicians, optimizing operation

Using the virtual plant generated in COMOS, operators can familiarize themselves with their future work environment while it’s still in the process of being commissioned. During training, technicians can move freely throughout the virtual plant, communicate with one another, and work on various scenarios. Studies have proven that immersive training courses are effective, and that actions practiced on a PC are much more likely to be remembered. Dangerous situations can be dealt with proactively – an important occupational safety measure.

Only intensive training will ensure that our employees can respond correctly to dangerous situations.
Nicolas Tarisse, in charge of training oil platform workers at TOTAL E&P

Efficient planning, safe operation

With COMOS Walkinside, the integrated software solution COMOS offers applications for building and visualizing 3D virtual reality models of onshore or offshore facilities like oil platforms.

The software provides tools for an efficient data exchange with third-party applications and for distributed, real-time collaboration. The virtual plant generated from the original plant data can be used to plan maintenance work or for immersive operator training. It’s already accessible before the actual plant is built, which enables faster commissioning or recommissioning. Work can be performed in the virtual plant independent of time and space, resulting in higher utilization rates and fewer operator errors.

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MindTwin as a digital asset portal

MindTwin from Siemens is a digital asset portal – and your sustainable path to digitalization.

MindTwin provides seamless access to all operational, technical, and business management information thanks to the integration of data from all types of sources and formats. The portal integrates designed data provided by COMOS with real-time operational data provided by XHQ Operations Intelligence solution and enables 3D visual context provided by COMOS Walkinside. As a web-based solution, the portal is empowered with IoT sensor information and analytics channeled by Siemens MindSphere platform. MindTwin can be used to establish correlations and causal relationships (for example, drilling down from an equipment reference in XHQ). This means that engineers and operators can use all sources of information at any time and check performance from any location.

Siemens offers a broad range of offshore and onshore digital solutions for Oil & Gas operators, from virtual training to condition monitoring. Siemens’ Digitalization offering spans the lifecycle of critical Oil & Gas assets, from Pre-FEED through operations and maintenance, providing integrated solutions that turns data into value.


Virtual plants in practice

Solutions for creating data value are already being successfully implemented. Discover sample applications that demonstrate how COMOS can help increase the value of your data in actual practice.

Empower your data value with virtual plants

The integrated software solution COMOS allows operators in the oil and gas industry to generate a three-dimensional virtual model of their plant that serves as the basis for effective maintenance and training – which yields substantial cost savings   Want to talk to our experts? Contact us: