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Integrated software solutions for the entire plant lifecycle

With COMOS, Siemens is the only company in the world to offer a software solution for the integrated management of plant projects – from engineering, operations and modernization to dismantling. Thanks to the object orientation in COMOS and its open system architecture, all disciplines and departments are able to work on a consistent, uniform database. So the right information is always available, at any time and from any place. The COMOS portfolio is also modular: all software solutions can be individually implemented as needed or used as stand-alone solutions.

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COMOS software solutions

Do you know about the COMOS solutions and want more detailed information? Or are you just discovering the portfolio for plant engineering and management? Just click on the solution of your choice or scroll down the page to discover our products and services for your plant’s entire lifecycle.

The secure platform for efficient plant engineering and plant management

COMOS Platform is your foundation for integrated plant engineering and management throughout the entire lifecycle. This makes your plant engineering more efficient and boosts the competitiveness of your company. 

COMOS Platform – powerful core functionalities across all phases of the plant lifecycle

With COMOS Platform, you can count on an object-oriented, database-neutral software foundation for cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental plant engineering and management. The software solution features critical basic functions that will shorten development time and enable an efficient workflow.

COMOS Enterprise Server – Service-oriented architecture for global application networking

The COMOS Enterprise Server lets you centrally access all data required for plant management. Project members from different departments can automatically access data from other disciplines and departments worldwide using the COMOS Enterprise Server. 

COMOS View – The secure information portal for all users

COMOS View lets you navigate visualizations of all structures and object properties as well as documents and data. COMOS View is used in your company’s own network.

Consistent process plant engineering with COMOS Process

COMOS Process is your integrated software solution for efficient process engineering. For example: you may use layout data, already in the early stages of plant engineering, to create process flow diagrams which are then specified in greater detail in piping and instrumentation diagrams.

COMOS FEED – Controlled process design from the outset

COMOS FEED is a tool that provides you with the basis of a rough calculation covering all costs in the early engineering stages. Prices can be easily stored and managed in clear table form.

COMOS P&ID – Fast and easy generation of piping and instrumentation diagrams

Data and information from the FEED phase can be seamlessly integrated into COMOS P&ID. COMOS P&ID also offers an optimal connection to EI&C Engineering, so that process-oriented and EI&C Engineering sequences can be mapped without data loss at the interfaces.

COMOS PipeSpec – Safely defining and managing pipes

COMOS PipeSpec Designer is a solution for creating and managing pipe specs. More than 1,000 standard pipe components have been predefined in a pipe parts catalog and can be used for plant engineering.

COMOS Isometrics – Interactive generation of isometrics from construction to as-built status

COMOS Isometrics is the complete solution for interactive isometry creation based on a single central database. This makes it the ideal solution for significantly reducing error potential in isometrics.

COMOS 3D Integration – Integrated 3D engineering without media breaks

With COMOS 3D Integration, you can create a secure connection for reliable information exchange between individual software solutions COMOS and all standard 3D tools.

Fast and easy EI&C engineering with COMOS Automation

You can use COMOS Automation for the electrical engineering of your plants – right through to their complete automation. Specially developed solutions cover all processes relevant to electrical, instrumentation, and control engineering.

COMOS EI&C – Optimized Electrical, Instrumentation & Control system engineering

COMOS EI&C is a software solution that details and specifies all functional EI&C data that was schematically described during process planning. This is optimized through a seamless connection to upstream process engineering.

COMOS Logical – Efficient graphical function engineering

COMOS Logical is the ideal solution for creating graphic function plans and sequences according to applicable standards. The seamless information flow in COMOS facilitates engineering on the basis of pre-defined signals.

Secure asset management with COMOS Operations

With COMOS Operations, you always have an efficient strategy for managing your plant at your fingertips. All data from the design phase can be used in the operational phase – for secure, sustainable plant operations.

COMOS MRO – Targeted service and maintenance management

COMOS MRO encompasses the complete management, engineering, and organization of plant operation and maintenance - including plant documentation - in one system. You always have access to the latest engineering data in COMOS.

COMOS Shutdown – Efficient planning and safe execution of plant shutdowns

COMOS Shutdown ensures that you and all stakeholders have access to consistent data at all times – from both previous engineering phases and from operation and maintenance. So that you can manage all plant shutdown phases in a single system.

COMOS Portable & Direct – Easy and intuitive feedback directly from the plant

COMOS Portable allows you to easily input data using a mobile device. COMOS Direct is available on a terminal station in the plant and feedback is entered directly into the system. This approach drastically reduces the risk of errors as well as time and effort compared to paper-based methods.

COMOS Inspection - Intelligent inspection management

COMOS Inspection enables non-destructive material testing in a seamless interaction with other COMOS applications. You can use COMOS Inspection, for example, to precisely determine and specify inspection points necessary for scheduled measurements with the help of COMOS Isometrics.

Comprehensive information management with COMOS Lifecycle

Using the COMOS Platform or via Web-based solutions, COMOS Lifecycle provides comprehensive information management for your plant. This offers you security when it comes to decision-making and worldwide access to data and documents. For example, via mobile devices and through the secure integration of Internet-based services.

COMOS PQM – Structured project and plant documentation

COMOS PQM enables the complete technical mapping of the plant in one database that can be accessed by all project stakeholders within the framework of their assigned rights. This is an invaluable advantage compared to standalone solutions, which are always prone to data loss and inconsistencies. 

COMOS Walkinside – Powerful 3D visualizations

COMOS Walkinside enables 3D engineering data from the basic and detail engineering phases to be used – right up until the as-built phase during operation. It provides completely transparent plant information in real time throughout the entire plant lifecycle – for immersive training sessions via VR headsets or efficient maintenance.

COMOS Mobile Solutions – Global, mobile plant management

COMOS Mobile Solutions give COMOS users the opportunity to work with data and documents while on the move. Whether you are in a meeting, traveling, or in the middle of a plant inspection: you can revise, check and approve plant documents using the “redlining” functionality. 

Object-oriented – for integrated application networking

Object orientation in COMOS ensures consistent application networking. In COMOS, we use the term “object” to describe the graphical and data representation of a plant component. Associated datasheets, lists, and other documents are directly linked to the relevant objects to form a unit – for more efficient work. 

COMOS – Our product portfolio

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The COMOS portfolio

With COMOS, Siemens is the only company in the world to offer a software solution for the integrated management of plant projects – from engineering, operations and modernization to dismantling. Explore the opportunities.