Software tools, packages, and system components for SIMATIC PC-based

For applications with individual system availability requirements, we offer a matched range of optional software components for SIMATIC IPCs. This enables you to detect potential failures early and to effectively minimize actual downtimes.

SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator

Minimize downtime. So that your system runs fast again!


With the SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator software package, you can reduce downtime and increase the productivity of your SIMATIC IPCs with the simplest preventive data backup and efficient partition management.


Together with the SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager, it is possible to perform data backup and restoration via remote access, making the process convenient and time-saving as well.

Data security and disk management with minimum effort


  • Bit-accurate and secure storage of hard disk contents
  • Fast data backup/restore per mouse click ("1ClickImage" functionality)
  • Backups for preventive data backup, even without shutting down the IPC
  • Subsequent modification of partitions (size, format, etc.) without data loss and without re-installation
  • Irreversible and secure deletion of data, for example, to discard used hard disks
  • Simple duplication (cloning) of existing software collections
  • No need to change the target system to be edited (when starting directly from the CD, or a USB FlashDrive with Image & Partition Creator)
  • Protection of backups against abuse by password protection, query of device type and/or serial number.


Cost reduction through significantly reduced downtime in the event of a fault

  • SIMATIC IPCs can be put back into operation within minutes after hard disk replacement
  • Software failures due to application errors, operating errors and computer viruses can be corrected in minutes
  • Fast bit-accurate backup and recovery of hard disk contents. This significantly reduces the time needed to restore compared to a new installation
  • Simple duplication of existing software collections to other devices with the same features and the same intended use (cloning). This allows fast replacement of devices during servicing
  • Online data processing for systems that must be constantly available (system backup in runtime)
  • Backup of files and directories
  • Automatic driver support for current SIMATIC IPCs and field programming devices
  • Wizards or detailed menus assist with configuration and execution
  • Complete protection per mouse click with "1ClickImage" after one-time configuration of the backup path
  • Create a bootable USB FlashDrive with Image & Partition Creator as an alternative boot media to the CD
  • Generation of an end user USB FlashDrive for quick and easy system recovery without using the SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator DVD or FlashDrive
  • Storing the archives in a protected "backup container"
  • Scheduled backup: Starting a previously configured full backup via the imaging software or the Windows Task Scheduler enables regular and unattended backups at any time
  • Enlarge/reduce existing partitions without data loss
  • Create new / delete existing partitions 
  • Merge adjacent partitions
  • Convert file system without reformatting (for example, FAT32 to NTFS)
  • Edit file system parameters (for example, change partition ID / volume name, etc.)
  • Easy setup of multi-boot systems. Installation of a boot manager
  • Conversion from basic MBR to basic GPT hard disks
  • Defragmentation to optimize performance of the hard drive
  • For disposal of confidential data

  • For secure disposal of data media

  • Backup and restore within virtual machines, Hyper-V guest machines, and virtual containers

  • Edit virtual data media

  • Transfer of Windows systems to virtual environments


Intelligent and comprehensive diagnostics – local and remote


The diagnostics and messaging software SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor is the perfect support for fast detection and efficient avoidance of potential system failures. It enables you to minimize standstills by implementing preventive measures beforehand and thereby reducing the associated costs.

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