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The flat power supply for distribution boards

Small. Clever. LOGO!Power. The fourth generation of the globally proven miniature power supply units with a flat, stepped profile design they share with the LOGO!8 module features high performance in a small space. The comprehensive functionality with flexible installation, current monitoring, and high energy efficiency permits universal use in applications with 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, and 24 V.

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Smart. Clever. LOGO!Power.

Whether it’s for industrial or building automation, the fourth generation of the mini power supply units used in their millions around the world for LOGO! 8 modules and other applications offers even more power in an even smaller space. Each performance variant has been narrowed by a modular width of 18 mm. At the same time, the new LOGO!Power family also offers a host of additional functionalities, such as flexible mounting, a current monitor, improved energy efficiency and an extended temperature range.

The mini power pack for currents up to 4 A, ... 

... e.g. for light and heating controllers or for access control systems in building technology applications or for packaging machine, machine tool, conveyor belt or sorting system applications

The excellent efficiency of the mini power supply units over the complete load range and the low performance loss during idle times guarantee efficient operation. The wide-range input for 1-phase mains and connection to DC power lines, the large operating temperature range, comprehensive certifications as well as a performance reserve when switching capacitive loads, make universal application possible.

The reliable power supplies with their flat, stepped housings can be flexibly integrated in numerous applications, for example in distribution boards. Also there is an optimal fit to be used together with the intelligent gateway for industrial IoT solutions SIMATIC IOT2000.


To further increase the availability, the LOGO!Power power supply units can be combined with DC UPSredundancy and selectivity modules.


As a ballast unit for SITOP power supplies, SITOP inrush current LOGO! ICL230 limiters reliably reduce inrush currents like those caused by the rectifier circuit on the input side with capacitor charging – as in the case of pulse-controlled power supplies. An inrush current limiter can also significantly extend the service life of the connected loads.


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