HMI Template Suite

The library for good HMI design. The HMI Template Suite provides templates, images and objects to help you create a modern, and intuitive HMI design.
Make your HMI design innovative in design and operation with the HMI Template Suite

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HMI design by experts

A library for good HMI design

The templates in the HMI Template Suite provide the tools to allow you to create your own HMI solution based on an operating concept that has been developed in collaboration with user interface experts. The result is a TIA Portal library that supports you with a broad selection of operating screens, dialogs and messages during configuration.

A modular library that simplifies and considerably speeds up your HMI development process

The HMI Template Suite is a design system that significantly simplifies the creation of a modern, practical HMI design. It contains a broad selection of templates, images and objects that you can use as the basis for your own HMI. The TIA Portal library has been optimized for use in industrial environments. A restrained color scheme with prominent highlight colors ensures that the operator gains a quick visual impression of the key elements. Each element can be adapted with just a few clicks, giving you full control despite the standardized layout of the templates.


The HMI Template Suite in use

These examples show which components the TIA Portal library contains and how they can be used.
Benefits of the library

Full control of your HMI design

Use the elements in the HMI Template Suite as a basis for your own visualization or as an inspiration for your next project. Adapt the templates to your requirements – quickly and easily. You have constant control of layout and design.

HMI design in just a few minutes

Find the appropriate template and use it for the quick, targeted creation of an appropriate user interface for your application.
What the expert has to say

A good HMI is aesthetic and practical

Everything always revolves around the user. A good user interface turns interaction into a positive experience for the operator. And that is exactly what HMI designers can achieve more easily, according to UX expert Oliver Gerstheimer.
The HMI templates in this library are based on the entire experience gained from our HMI design projects in the last years.
Oliver Gerstheimer, founder and managing director of chilli mind GmbH
Benefits at a glance

Reasons to choose the HMI Template Suite

Maybe you don't have time to take care of the design of your visualization alongside all of your other tasks. Maybe you don't have the budget to consult experts. If that’s the case, the HMI Template Suite is ideal for you: the library will help you get the job done more quickly.


How to get the HMI Template Suite

The HMI Template Suite is a free library for TIA Portal. It can be downloaded from Siemens Industry Online Support. Download it, open it – now you are ready to implement your HMI design ideas quickly and simply.

Make your HMI design innovative in design and operation with the HMI Template Suite

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