Production and process optimization in manufacturing

Optimize your production and processes – and ultimately, your products – with Siemens CNC Shopfloor Management Software.

When it comes to production: the ability to produce high-quality parts easily, quickly and flexibly is a challenge that every manufacturer seeks to conquer. The solution? Digitalization.

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Digitalization in Manufacturing - Thinking further!

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Digitalization in manufacturing

You would like to know more about the quality of your manufacturing process? You´re interested in the transparency and efficiency of your machine tools and how to get more useful information out of them? Or you would like to see an example of good practice? Then you`ve come to the right place, learn more from our experts (speeches), about our software and its application.


Four areas to drive productivity

Master complexities in production – and reap the benefits.

With digitalization: the possibilities for improved productivity, reduced costs and increased quality are limitless. Discover how you can optimize your manufacturing over four concrete areas – even for your installed base.

1. Job preparation and execution

Start optimizing – from the office.

Amp up your ability to prepare for and execute jobs with Siemens solutions designed to help you create, manage and optimize your NC programs and tools. 


With Siemens’ SinuTrain and VNCK: you can create and check NC programs directly in the office without needing to interrupt production. VNCK even lets you run a simulation of your NC program on a 3D digital twin of your machines in a CAM environment – reducing the risk of real damage caused by real crashes on your machines. This eliminates the need for costly test pieces and lets you start producing from the very first part. 


After checking your NC program, you can take it safely from the office to the machine with Manage MyPrograms: a program management solution which reduces the chance of mix-ups, unauthorized changes, crashes, and viruses spread by USB storage devices. 


And finally, get ready for production with Manage MyTools: a tool management system which provides you with a complete overview of your tool stock and data – saving you money in the long run. 


2. Production efficiency and flexibility 

Produce more – in less time.

Face the pressures of globally competitive production with software solutions which will give you a clear overview of your plants – and put you firmly in control of your manufacturing processes and output. 


With Siemens, you have the choice: you can choose the advantages of a cloud-based solution or local data aggregation. 


The cloud-based MindSphere Analyze MyPerformance /OEE-Monitor solution is a powerful tool offering you complete transparency of your OEE performance - no matter where you are. Or if you need something that operates on a local level: Analyze MyPerformance is a factory-wide performance analysis software that lets you analyze current machine statuses and set your own KPIs. 


With these two solutions: you will be able to easily access data and know what your machines are doing – no matter where you are. For faster, more efficient and more flexible production. 


3. Machine availability

Say goodbye to downtime.

With the correct insights, you can look ahead to the future and improve machine availability dramatically within your plants.


Offering such insights is Manage MyMachines – a cloud-based solution that lets you improve machine productivity and efficiency with relevant machine data and an overview of machine status and history.


Manage MyMachines /Remote grants you the access to your machine tools remotely, from around the world. Comprehensive fault diagnostics and corrective measures are immediately available in order to trace root causes of any problem.


Siemens’ Analyze MyCondition lets you minimize downtime caused by planned/unplanned maintenance at a local level. Critical machine components are continuously monitored and trends are visualized. So that you can predict machine breakdowns even before they happen.


For faster problem solving and increased machine availability – at every step. 


4. Machining process improvement

Turbo charge your machining. 

Improving your machinery requires a high amount of data to be processed – something which can be time-consuming and costly.


With SINUMERIK Edge, you can close the gap between the Cloud and your plant. You pre-process all data locally – only essential data is sent to the Cloud for analyzing when required. The results can be viewed directly on your computer no matter where you are.


With Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath, you can determine the quality of your NC code and easily analyze root causes of quality problems – for example, if the problem is caused by the CAM system or the machine itself – even before the actual part is manufactured on the machine.


And with Siemens’ Adaptive Control and Monitoring solution, you can automatically detect load to increase or decrease the machining velocity. Thus significantly reducing machine cycle times and increasing the lifespan of your tools.

Digital enterprise

Digitalization on the shopfloor – a holistic approach

Siemens’ complete portfolio CNC Shopfloor Management Software covers the entire shopfloor value chain from product design to production execution and services. What you gain from this holistic approach is speed, flexibility, efficiency and quality in production.

Completing this holistic approach to factory digitalization is an ecosystem that includes MindSphere, a Cloud-based IoT operating system, Team Centre, a platform for digital collaboration, as well as other third party applications. 

For optimal production – and results.

Produce high-quality parts easily, quickly and flexibly with Siemens CNC Shopfloor Management Software.

With solutions covering four areas to drive productivity: Siemens offers you the opportunity to improve your manufacturing processes – and products. Independent of your controller manufacturer: you will be able to run your plants more efficiently, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction with Siemens’ portfolio of CNC Shopfloor Management Software. Fill in the form below to contact an expert and find out more.