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All building functions integrated into one automation system – LOGO!

Greater comfort and safety in your own home are the latest trend – and they can be implemented using automatic control, regulation, and monitoring of building functions. LOGO! makes it particularly easy and cost-effective. The straightforward, user-friendly control system lets you automate a variety of functions in your own home in line with your own ideas. Especially handy are the logic module’s ability to connect to a KNX building system bus as well as convenient control via smartphone, tablet, and PC through WiFi.

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Home automation in practice: LOGO! can do more

LOGO! opens up a wide range of control options for building functions, making it the perfect choice for fast, easy, and space-saving implementation of individual home automation projects.  LOGO! provides the right solution for the convenient control of your heating, air-conditioning, lighting, irrigation, access control, safety and alarming, presence detection and simulation, and for saunas and pools. 

Intelligent lighting control
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Needs-based lighting control using LOGO! is incredibly convenient and money-saving. Numerous conventional switching devices are no longer required, the optimized switching activation and deactivation of loads reduces energy consumption, and the high flexibility of the control system permits later changes with little effort. You also gain extra security thanks to applications such as presence simulation, presence detection, and panic switch.

Control of room parameters
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With LOGO! you can easily create a thoroughly pleasant atmosphere within your own four walls thanks to optimal temperature control at all times, selective shading, and central or remote switching of functions. LOGO! records the environmental conditions and controls the corresponding building functions in such a way that you can always enjoy the highest level of comfort in your own home.

Swimming pool / jacuzzi
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LOGO! ensures that your swimming pool or jacuzzi will indeed ensure maximum relaxation. The various pool-related control tasks run automatically, and you don’t need to worry about monitoring the water quality or the temperature. LOGO! also controls the pump for you. Enjoy your own trouble-free private world of well-being.

Pump control
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A wide variety of pumps are used on modern properties for garden irrigation, fountains, cisterns, and lifting pumps, to mention just a few. LOGO! can take over the intelligent, energy-saving control of these pumps. You can look forward to a garden that is always optimally watered, and if you want you can use a remote control to operate your fountain.

Gate control and access control
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LOGO! can ensure greater security and convenience on your property, because you create your own programs for individual monitoring functions. The integration of access control systems helps keep unauthorized individuals outside. Gate controls and intelligent path lighting make the paths between the entry gate and your front door as convenient and as safe as possible for both you and your guests. And we haven’t forgotten your four-legged friends either, because LOGO! can even be used to automate your pet door.

Safety and alarming
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Are all the stove burners off? Coffee machine turned off? What about the iron? All doors closed? With LOGO!, these questions are a thing of the past! The automatic load switch-off will step in if you really have forgotten something. The presence detection can text an alarm message if there are uninvited guests in the house.


Simply brilliant: all building functions perfectly under control in next to no time

LOGO! features an impressive array of functions for individual solutions. And cost-effective, space-saving implementation as well as comprehensive networking and expansion options pay off when automating a home.  Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.

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