Project generator SIMOTION easyProject

Create an executable motion control project with up to 80 percent of cost reduction

You can use the project generator SIMOTION easyProject to quickly integrate basic functions and standard modules in existing and new motion control projects without any programming effort. SIMOTION easyProject offers numerous standard modules for basic, diagnostic, operating mode, and communications functions as well as a large number of industry-specific technology functions. In addition, you can integrate your own blocks in the workflow of the automatic application creation.

You can download SIMOTION easyProject from the Siemens Industry Online Support free of charge

Download SIMOTION easyProject

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Executable in an instant

Implementing motion control projects faster and more efficiently

When it comes to creating projects, SIMOTION easyProject takes a lot of work off your hands. Standard elements do not need to be created from scratch each time, and the most important functions can be integrated automatically.

You benefit from being able to implement your projects with a dialog-driven approach without any programming. That not only saves time and money but also reduces the probability of errors.

SIMOTION easyProject can be called directly from SIMOTION SCOUT.

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Learn how to use SIMOTION easyProject to accelerate the creation of motion control projects by using standard modules

Watch SIMOTION easyProject tutorial

Realizing projects with standard modules

Why reinvent the wheel every time? SIMOTION easyProject offers numerous basic functionalities, functions, fully tested standard modules as well as industry-specific technology packages that you can integrate in your existing or new motion control applications along with your own blocks, all with minimal effort. 

This increases the availability and flexibility of your production and reduces substantially your commissioning times.

Basic functions

With SIMOTION easyProject, you can easily integrate basic functionalities in your project that are required in nearly every SIMOTION application. With startup check, operating mode and state manager (OMAC), or axis function blocks you create large parts of machine applications without writing a single line of code.

Technology functions

SIMOTION easyProject comes with a whole series of predefined and fully tested technology functions for a wide range of industries, such as for winders and cartoners.

For a complete overview of industry-specific technology functions please click here.

Implementing complex motion control applications is simple and easy

Rapid implementation of motion control projects

Modularity is the key to maximum efficiency

Instead of developing every motion control project from scratch each time, use the wide range of blocks, modules, and functions provided to you by SIMOTION easyProject to implement your own applications and then simply tailor them to meet your individual needs. 

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