Flexible access to machine data

Maximum efficiency in the commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of your production plant

The integrated Web server functions of SIMOTION IT provide you with numerous options for using the process data of your machine to increase general availability. You can also achieve unlimited communication between all platforms and manufacturers via the standardized OPC UA protocol.

Find out how you can reduce your development, service and commissioning times with the webserver.

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Technology via Web

More efficient with SIMOTION IT

SIMOTION IT uses the integrated Web server of the SIMOTION motion control system to make the commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of production plants even more convenient, intuitive, and time-saving. All you need is a PC with a standard Web browser.

Function package for any SIMOTION controller

SIMOTION IT is a comprehensive function package available onboard each SIMOTION controller that enables easier commissioning without a long training period or specialized knowledge. The option of integrating user-defined Web applications means that you can easily commission complex automation solutions or perform maintenance tasks.

Typical fields of application

SIMOTION IT consists of three components


The integrated standard pages support fast commissioning and diagnostics. Users can also create user-defined Web sites.


An http-based communication mechanism that allows symbolic read/write access to controller variables.

SIMOTION Virtual Machine

Runtime environment for Java programs that allows the parallel execution of individual Java applications – the ideal supplement to the standard SIMOTION runtime automation program.

The easy way to greater availability


Ready for Industrie 4.0 – thanks to comprehensive networking between all systems, platforms, and manufacturers

Thanks to the standardized, open OPC UA protocol, SIMOTION enables consistent, secure data exchange in heterogeneous production systems throughout all automation levels, including cloud applications.

Unlimited communication

A growing number of automation components and software solutions are able to access SIMOTION data and variables easily and securely using OPC UA client functions.

OPC UA thus enables efficient data exchange: “vertically” with HMI, SCADA, MES, and ERP systems from different manufacturers, including cloud-based applications, and “horizontally” with other controllers.

OPC UA – consistent communication on all levels

With the combination of SIMOTION and an OPC UA server, you create the basis for the digitalization of your processes on the way to Industrie 4.0.

OPC UA is the perfect complement to deterministic PROFINET communication for real-time applications. Both protocols can be used on one cable with no restrictions or performance loss.

Security functions such as password protection, authentication, authorization, and up to 256-bit encryption ensure a high security standard in the communication between automation systems.

Fast diagnostics via the Web

Optimize plant availability – from any location, at any time

With SIMOTION IT and OPC UA, you easily ensure the reliable operation of your plant via a Web browser, with comprehensive options for using the process data for convenient commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance. 

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