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The future of buildings is here

How can today's technologies support organizations to future-proof their buildings during the pandemic and beyond? There may be new regulations in place to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants and visitors. At the same time, buildings are running on changing capacities and there is a need for greater flexibility. Explore solutions to help you better meet your needs from real estate right-sizing to room and desk booking, asset tracking and remote services.

Market solutions

Why do buildings matter?

We spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings, and we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it. While it’s true that today’s buildings should be efficient, reliable and safe – these characteristics alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.


Adaptability is crucial. Smart building interact with the people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency and safety. And today there is a new need: to protect people from COVID-19. When we use technology to support the people in buildings, we create environments that care.


How can smart buildings help support the fight against the coronavirus?

Building technology can support companies in taking measures to protect employees, customers and partners. Our COVID-19 recommendations provide information on concrete measures.

IoT solutions

Data-driven insights for space optimization & contact tracing

Health organizations and companies around the world have turned to contact tracing and social distancing measures to slow down or stop the chain of transmission of the virus. How can IoT solutions provide greater transparency and reliability in ensuring adherence to new guidelines?


When integrated with Enlighted IoT sensors, social distancing measures established can also be managed by building operators through insights provided by data on the utilization of rooms or common office spaces. The Comfy workplace app allows building operators and owners to engage with occupants and keep them informed, safe and productive. Find out more...

Siveillance Thermal Shield

Body temperature solutions to minimize infection risks in buildings

The need for body temperature detection will prove to be critical as workplaces reopen. To mitigate any risks caused by the spread of the virus, technologies which allow for efficient scanning of temperatures as occupants and visitors enter the building will be deployed. The integration of the body temperature detection with access control enables a highly secure and contactless solution. 


Siemens Siveillance solution enables an accuracy of better than +/-0.5°C at 37 °C, as compared to standard thermal security surveillance cameras which provide an accuracy of around 5°C . This is achieved through the use of a specialized camera in a stable ambient environment and using a so-called 'Blackbody' reference temperature device. The solution is designed based on internal testing and market feedback, ensuring the higher accuracy required to confidentially detect elevated body skin temperature of individuals. Find out more or explore our smart security solutions.

A new approach

Smart buildings – Managing a New Workplace Reality

Positive employee experiences, administrative control and enhanced portfolio management

  • Employee Experience:  With the Comfy workplace app, employees can seamlessly reserve a space in the office, find co-workers and easily control their environment - right from their mobile app.
  • Space Management: Leverage data and tools to manage and control new hybrid work environments, eliminating space conflicts and ensuring business continuity, with Comfy tools.
  • Portfolio Strategy Leverage utilization and behavior data to inform refined portfolio decisions with Comfy insights.  Add occupancy data from Enlighted IoT sensors to create deeper


HVAC maintenance strategies

Improve indoor environment quality for occupant wellbeing

Although many buildings are currently “closed”, there are still a number of 

facilities that must be kept running. Many of these buildings run at least on average or above average capacity with a high number of occupants, while there are also buildings that are fully operational but almost empty. 


Using HVAC and other Building Management System functions, these buildings must 

be operated in the best possible way. Today, this often means a temporary shift from 

energy efficiency to operational efficiency to help protect the occupants. Additionally, these “closed” buildings cannot be left without attention. Despite being a second priority, they need accurate control and monitoring. This ensures that they are healthy and safe places to return to after the crisis – and that assets are protected while empty.  Find out more or download recommendations

Secure remote connectivity

Enhance system reliability & business continuity

Today more than ever, the need for business continuity and resiliency is a high priority for organizations around the world. Top-performing facilities are using an intelligent maintenance approach that leverages the power of digital technology, helping make better-informed decisions. Siemens remote connectivity enables sites to be monitored so faults can be diagnosed and, in some cases, repaired remotely. The service also brings together digital tools and data driven analytics to offer customers the ability to enable condition-based maintenance. Through automated Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD), faults are identified before they occur - reducing the chance of downtime and improving the reliability of systems. The Siemens team of experts support in optimizing the comprehensive building performance, while delivering optimal energy performance and mitigating operational risks.


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