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Customer Experience Centre

The interactive experience centre showcases solutions that make buildings smart, safe, secure, comfortable and energy-efficient. The main objective of the centre is to showcase our globally benchmarked solutions and capabilities for the Indian market.

Systems that can be experienced include Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS), Fire Detection and Suppression, Access Control, and Intelligent Video Surveillance with analytics. The interactive design of the experience centre allows for exhibiting live-systems independently or as part of a totally integrated system. Customer specific scenarios can be simulated live to demonstrate functioning of the systems in response to various potential triggers at customer’s premises.  

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For your professional development

Building Technologies provides a wide range of training courses that give operators the skills to provide superior building functionality.

With the ever-changing business needs of the customer, Siemens Building Technologies has the ability to create customized training that benefits the organization and their system operators. The state-of-the-art training centre in Navi Mumbai caters to customers as well as interested and potential clientele.

The Training and Experience Centre has a dedicated panel of certified instructors who create courses tailored to specific requirements. Whether it is incorporating topics from multiple classes into one course or using site specific examples, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your training.

Your organization and employees will benefit from systems that help you lower operational costs while enhancing your building’s performance and comfort. The courses aim at building technically competent resources and help provide a more meaningful analysis of operations data and the most effective implementation of the delivered solutions.


Benefit from our wide-ranging technical competence

The Training Centre offers courses for Building Automation, Security Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems:

HVAC & Building Automation Basics

  • HVAC concepts and applications to help understand the customer requirements
  • Components of Building Automation System
  • I/O Summary and the controller selection
  • Field devices

Advanced Operations for Building Automation Systems

  • Know the Navigation within MMI Software
  • Understand the functions i.e. Graphics, Trends, Schedules, Site Connection status etc.
  • Create and change schedules. Define calendar functions
  • Working with Trend Viewer. Create trend View. Add / Remove trends from a trend view
  • Create Online trends
  • User administration
  • Alarm Handling

Commissioning of Building Automation Systems

  • System engineering
  • Creating Logics and commissioning DDCs
  • Setting up MMI software
  • Linking controllers to the HMI

Fundamentals of Security systems

  • Understand the various types of threats and threat perceptions
  • What are the components of Access control system.
  • What are different types of Readers, and the applications of each type
  • Design of Access control system
  • Understand the requirements of multi-site application
  • Reporting capabilities and applications

Advanced Operations of Security Systems

  • Operations of Sipass system
  • Operations of the Video Management system
  • System administration
  • User & card management
  • Report generation
  • Basic troubleshooting of the system

Commissioning of Siemens Security Systems

  • System engineering to meet the site requirements
  • Component selection to ensure system interoperability
  • System deployment and testing
  • Integration to other sub-systems

Fire Basics & Fire Alarm System Basics

  • What are the types of Fire
  • How do you detect fire
  • Know the components of the fire panel
  • What are “Integrated Voice” panels
  • Understand the concept of Gas based suppression system

Advanced Operations for Siemens Fire Alarm Systems

  • Know the components and functioning in detail
  • Understand the Alerts, Troubles, Alarms
  • Troubleshooting of alerts
  • Using the Voice evacuation system

Commissioning of Fire Alarm Systems

  • Detailed engineering of the system
  • Detector design
  • Selection of the devices
  • Installation of Panels
  • Commissioning of the system  

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