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DC Motors

DC motors – compact and modular

DC motors SIMOTICS DC have a compact and modular design and can be used in difficult installation conditions. An extensive range of attachments is available as well as a variety of monitoring and diagnostic options. The high quality of the DC motors is ensured by our comprehensive quality management system. This ensures safe and trouble-free operation. Wherever reliable drive technology and maximum availability are required, the DC motors SIMOTICS DC together with the power converters SINAMICS DCM offer a perfectly matched combination. 

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DC motors – product selection

Series 6 / 7 / 5 – axle height 160 - 630

Impressive availability from 31,5 to 1610 kW due to proven technology with SIMOTICS DC motors


  • High power density but with low envelope dimensions
  • High operational safety and availability through a wide range of diagnostic functions, together with SINAMICS DCM DC converters
  • High thermal reserves for continuous and overload duty as a result of the DURIGNIT 2000 insulation system
  • Low losses through an extremely high efficiency
  • High brush lifetimes using the optimized current commutation system
  • Low space requirements for innovative machine solutions
  • Low noise construction
  • Extremely low vibrations and torque ripple 
  • Lift and cable car drives 
  • Rolling mill drives and winders 
  • Lifting and running gear drives for cranes 
  • Extruders in the plastic industry 
  • Drives for printing and paper machines 
DC motors – product selection

Technical data overview

Series 6 - Shaft Height 160 - 280
Series 7 - Shaft Height 355 - 450
Series 5 - Shaft Height 500 - 630
Power range
31.5 to 510 kW 
176 to 1020 kW 
288 to 1610 kW
Rated armature voltage
DC 420 to 810 V 
DC 420 to 810 V 
DC 420 to 810 V
Speed: up to … rpm 
up to 4500 rpm
up to 2200 rpm
up to 1800 rpm
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You can easily and quickly configure the frequency converter SIMOTICS DC with the Siemens Drive configurator and then order it via the IndustyMall ordering system.

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