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Motion Control Motors

Whether synchronous or asynchronous, with or without gear units - when it comes to selecting the optimum motor for your motion control application, Siemens has the widest motor selection in the world - also covering built-in motors and motor spindles. Plus every Siemens motor for motion control is perfectly matched to operate with our family of SINAMICS frequency converters.

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The world's widest range of motors for motion control

With a wide range of performance classes and installation sizes, our product range has the right motor for your motion control application.

SIMOTICS S Servomotors

Highest standards for maximum efficiency


We offer the perfect SIMOTICS S Servomotors with functionalities for each application: a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, various built-in transmitters, a range of cooling types and protection classes, an integrated parking brake, plus other options. Fitted with a built-in type plate and DRIVE-CLiQ system interface, you will benefit from optimum interaction with our SINAMICS S120 drive systems.

SIMOTICS M Main Motors

Compact, robust and powerful


An asynchronous induction motor designed for use on a converter is significantly more compact and sturdy with a higher standard of concentricity than a conventional three-phase induction motor. It has incremental encoders for speed-controlled operation and is available with absolute value transmitters for positioning applications. Transmitter-free operation is also possible in more basic applications.

SIMOTICS L Linear Motors

First choice for maximum dynamics and precision


SIMOTIC L Linear motors from Siemens are available with maximum force rating up to 20.700 N with feed rates exceeding 1.200 m/min, capabilities that provide maximum productivity. The 1FN3 is a linear motor with a magnetic secondary section that delivers impressive maximum force-to-size ratio and dynamics.

SIMOTICS T Torque Motors

Compact, high-performance and low-maintenance


Every torque motor from Siemens meets the utmost requirements in precision, performance and dynamics – especially when used as a part of our system solution. The high-poled permanent-magnet-excited synchronous motors are fully integrated into the machine with no mechanical transmission elements such as gears. This means you benefit from increased mounting flexibility, simplified maintenance, high availability, and reduced space requirements.

Motor spindles

Maximum performance in machine tools

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You can easily and quickly configure your SIMOTICS motors with the Siemens Drive configurator and then order it via the IndustyMall ordering system.

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