Built-in synchronous motors for high speeds and high torque applications


SIMOTICS M-1FE synchronous built-in motors are especially compact main spindle motors with a very high dynamic performance that have been specifically designed for machine tool applications. They set themselves apart as a result of their very high machining quality, short acceleration times, highest precision and smooth running characteristics. Versions are available for very high torque utilization (High Torque) – or high maximum speeds (High Speed) to address specific applications. The mechanical motor power is directly transferred to the spindle without any mechanical transmission elements. The rotor and stator are ready to be installed and are  water-cooled.

System overview

Technical overview

M-1FE1, M1FE2
Rated torque
up to 300 Nm
up to 1.530 Nm
Max. speed
up to 40.000 U/min
up to 20.000 U/min
Rated power
6,5 – 94 kW
4 – 159 kW
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SIMOTICS M-1FE benefits

  • Compact construction through the elimination of mechanical components
  • Short ramp-up and braking times
  • High degree of shaft stiffness through large inner rotor hole (and thus large shaft diameter)
  • Spindles
  • Grinding spindles
  • Milling spindles
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