Integrally Geared Compressors

From its invention in 1948, Siemens has perfected the design and manufacture of integrally geared compressors. Today, more than 2,200 units have been installed globally proving their worth with a wide reference base in a wide range of industries and process applications.

Product Information

Integrally geared compressors

Integrally geared compressors are multi-shaft machines. Several pinion shafts with two impellers each are arranged around a central bull gear. For each pinion shaft a perfect combination of shaft speed and impeller size can be realized. All impellers are of overhung design and can be fitted with adjustable inlet guide vanes in front of each impeller. Inter-stage cooling of the gas stream can be done after each impeller discharge. The combination of these features allows for high volume flows, outstanding energy efficiency even under part load, all in a compact design.


For small- to medium-size compressor sizes, Siemens offers a package design. The package includes the compressor, driver, process gas coolers, lube oil console, process piping, and all tubing and wiring. The package design leads to significantly reduced on-site installation time. For large-size units all main train components are delivered separately on site and installation is on a concrete foundation.