Dresser-Rand Reciprocating Compressors

Performance, efficiency, reliability and low maintenance for demanding upstream, midstream and downstream applications

As a leading supplier of reciprocating compressors, the Dresser-Rand business offers products ranging from medium to high-speed separable units driven by engines or electric motors, to large, slow speed motor driven process reciprocating compressors.

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Product Information

Product information

These reciprocating compressors can be used in applications including upstream production (LNG, gas lift, boil-off / residue gas, export, natural gas gathering, natural gas liquids, shale, coal bed methane, enhanced oil recovery – CO2 for natural gas injection), midstream (gas transmission and storage, natural gas gathering, gas injection, FPSO and FLNG, fuel gas, natural gas processing – inlet, sales, refrigeration), downstream processing (petrochemical plant gas-to-liquids, hydrogen production, various other refining applications, cool gas, methanol and ethylene, ammonia, nitric acid, and urea), and power generation (fuel gas).

Process Reciprocating Compressors

Process Reciprocating Compressor (API 618)

Dresser-Rand process reciprocating compressors are available with up to 10 crank throws, as single-throw or balanced-opposed configurations. We custom engineer every unit by designing each cylinder and valve, and select other components to meet your specific operating requirements. Our factory experts check all critical clearances and dimensions, and perform inspections and tests to prevent installation problems. The result is a reciprocating compressor that meets or exceeds client specifications, while delivering unmatched efficiency and reliability.

High and Medium Speed Reciprocating Compressors

High and Medium Speed Reciprocating Compressors (former API 11-P)

With the most versatile compressor lineup on the market and a reputation for serving both standard applications and the most demanding jobs (high pressure, CO2, sour and acid gases, and floating applications), Dresser-Rand covers virtually every application. This class of reciprocating compressors is designed to ISO 13631, ISO 13707, or API 618 specifications. Dresser-Rand offers seven different models with horsepower (hp) ranges from 200 to 11,000 hp (149 to 8,203 kW), allowable rod loads from 15,400 to 90,000 psi, rated maximum speeds from 850 to 1,800 rpm, and pressures up to 8,000 psig.

Capacity Control Systems

Variable Capacity Control Systems

Most compressors produce more capacity than needed to allow for process control. The excess capacity is typically recycled to the inlet of the compressor to meet demand. The energy required to recycle the excess capacity is wasted.


Variable capacity control systems give operators the ability to adjust compressor capacity to demand eliminating recycle. This reduces energy usage and operating costs.


Variable capacity control devices are becoming more prevalent in the process market because of increased energy costs and the desire to save energy and related expenses whenever possible.

Reciprocating Compressor Valves

Reciprocating Compressor Valves

Valve performance and reliability is key to compressor performance. By paying careful attention to reliability in every aspect of the design, we’ve created a valve that can run more than 50 percent longer than other valves before needing service. We’ve proven it in thousands of hours of tests, many at high speeds and high temperatures, with a wide range of gases. Our engineers select the most appropriate valve based on their extensive experience as well as tools such as our Dynamic Valve Analysis (DVA) program.

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High Speed Reciprocating Compressors

High speed reciprocating compressors

Out in the field, there’s no margin for error. No time for do-overs. That’s why it’s so important to choose a partner who gets it right. With competitive lead times, robust designs, and a growing global spare parts inventory, Dresser-Rand reciprocating compressors are the right choice for all your high speed application needs. Contact us to learn more and to find the solution that’s right for you.

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