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  • Now the time has come to create more value from meters. Analytics turn their data into knowledge that helps optimizing grid efficiency and supply security – scroll down to discover how.

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EnergyIP Analytics Overview

EnergyIP Analytics Suite

The energy system is changing dramatically – and this is posing new challenges but also new opportunities to distribution grids. Transparency about generation and consumption, costs, and power quality are becoming increasingly important as a result. It is this knowledge that will pave the way for making the adjustments needed to optimize grid efficiency and supply security. Rolling out an advanced metering infrastructure is costly, but now the time has come to create value from meters. The key to this lies in analytics.
EnergyIP Analytics Solutions

Benefit from three applications and individual services

Specific applications can be used individually or in a package. They provide valuable information for grid optimization enabling you to make the right decisions for your business. Moreover our Analytics Consulting Services provides an easier and faster start to analytics. It can accelerate wins, steering strategies for swift, targeted value delivery.
EnergyIP Analytics Suite at a glance

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Based on EnergyIP


Offers a comprehensive set of powerful applications based on an energy industry data model which delivers full support of domain-specific processes and complex use cases viable far into the future. EnergyIP applications can process data from millions of distributed grid assets and smart devices almost in real time, powering new approaches for grid optimization, distributed energy resource management, asset management, real customer interaction and energy market participation. With EnergyIP you can benefit from easy and secure IoT connectivity for your grid assets via standard communication protocol interfaces. Moreover you can gain additional high value from the wealth of data accumulated in the Internet of Things with various state-of-the-art  Analytics applications. 

EnergyIP Applications – “Powered by MindSphere”

Do you want to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) and optimize operating expenses (OPEX)? Do you need rapid time-to-market?  That’s why EnergyIP applications are also available as Software as a Service – powered by MindSphere, Siemens’ own open, cloud-based IoT operating system. Attractive pay-per-use models, rapid deployment combined with reduced risk, and improved security delivers outstanding business value.


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The Konstant success story

When Danish grid operator Konstant began to analyze its smart meter data more than just billing operations, they discovered a treasure trove of digitalized information. With the right set of analytical tools, the data is helping them optimize operations, improve maintenance and predict the loads on their power grid.

100 TSD

connected smart meters delivering data 

1.0 billion

data sets are processed per month 

70.00 %

access to power due to Analytics support 


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Utilities are deploying vast networks of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), commonly called smart meters. But are utilities truly getting the most value out of all that data? The key to unlocking the full potential of smart meters and the smart grid is to analyze meter data to answer -- and to keep answering, continuously and in real time -- key business and operations questions for utilities.