Electrical Digital Twin

Power grids - the ultimate engineering achievement of modern times. Enabled by a complex web of wires, poles, substations, and systems, the widespread availability of electricity enriches our lives every day.  But behind the scenes is a massive flood of digital data, which enables utilities to plan, operate, and maintain their grids by providing them with a virtual model of the real world.  With trends like decentralization and renewables, this data is becoming more complex to manage and exchange.  Even the smallest mistakes in the data can lead to big consequences. Utilities who choose solutions that weave their digital data together will be ready for a sustainable digital future. 
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Emerging challenges

A world transformed: Rethinking the way utility systems share data

There is only one physical power grid, but a typical utility can maintain many diverse grid models - each associated with a different enterprise domain. Every system works in silos - with its own data format, details, and team of experts to manually maintain the data. Future-ready utilities need to get ahead of the change, break down the barriers, and become seamlessly connected. 

Data is at the center of the power grid. It is exchanged between a large quantity of different software systems which enables utilities to properly plan, operate, and maintain their grid. 


Utilities are spending a lot of time and resources to manually maintain, update, and exchange information amongst different systems. Inconsistencies during data exchange and even the lack of data exchange can lead to dramatic consequences, like excessive costs, duplicated labor, suboptimal system performance, and even system wide blackouts. Industry trends  (such as distributed energy, renewables, and digitalization) are only increasing the number of data points that need to be considered to achieve optimal system performance.  


In this new digital world, data accuracy, model complexity and automation are the foundation to maintain operational excellence and maximize future investments. That is why Siemens has developed the Electrical Digital Twin, utilities are able to harness the power of transparency with a single source of truth for data across their entire utility IT landscape. 

To every grid operator hesitant to introduce a digital twin, I say: Don't wait any longer.
Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj
New opportunities

A single source of truth to unlock tangible results

Siemens Electrical Digital Twin closely aligns real and virtual worlds by providing utilities with a single source of truth to model data across their entire IT landscape. A common network model is there to facilitate grid simulation across all domains relevant for reliable, efficient and secure electrical system planning, operation and maintenance. 

Breaking down the data silos

The Electrical Digital Twin enables utilities to simplify the data maintenance and exchange process. Data is synchronized from various systems then standardized into one multi-user database via standards based adapters or interfaces.


Key features

  • An accurate single source of truth for data 
  • Automated data and model synchronization across multiple domains
  • Spans transmission and distribution for integrated analysis
  • Scalable data maintenance and exchange across the IT landscape
  • Vendor-neutral and standards-based 

Leveraging data synergies for tomorrow – achieving operational efficiencies today

Electrical Digital Twin at a glance

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Solution portfolio

Electrical Digital Twin industry applications

A highly customizable solution to specific needs with capabilities across the value chain. Find out more about the specific use cases and their benefits.
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Electrical Digital Twin innovators

Laying the foundation for a sustainable digital future is a must. See how these utilities are experiencing operational excellence and efficiencies. 
The model, is up to 100 times more detailed than the old one, which means that decisions are much more fact-based than before – we no longer need to rely on gut feeling for any part.
Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj
By designing and deploying a standards-based network model management solution, AEP can leverage emerging industry technologies around data management and data analytics.
Eric Hatter, T-Nexus Program Manager, AEP

Utility Insights - Meet the Experts

From the challenges of ending data silos, all the way to the opportunities arising from digitalization – learn how these experts are viewing the era of the digital twin.

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Siemens commitment to you

In this new digital world, Siemens views data as the heart of everything. As the industry is constantly shifting, we are dedicated to investing in a solution that evolves ahead of the challenges. That’s why it is our vision to work collaboratively with customers to build an Electrical Digital Twin that helps achieve operational efficiencies and excellence previously unheard of. It's more than just a technology… it's a partnership.

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