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Expert Workshop Series

For substation automation and protection engineers

The Expert's Workshop Series of Siemens Digital Grid offer deep dive looks at our best technology for substation automation and protection.  It's you chance to interact in virtual live sessions with our technical experts.


Ask questions, get answers. 


It's your chance to deepen your knowledge about current technology. With new insights, come new questions.  This is your chance to have them answered on the spot. 

Program tailored for Substation Automation and Protection Engineers

The Expert's Workshop Series is a rolling program of various topics in multiple languages.  

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Upcoming Sessions

  • Compact RTU SICAM A8000: Deep dive into the hardware architechture, applications and cyber security feature of SICAM A8000 remote terminal units (Spanish). 
  • SIPROTEC News: update about the latest developments in the SIPROTEC portfolio; SIPROTEC 5 general: new applications and features e.g. POW (Point On Wave switching); new overcurrent protection device 7SJ81; line protection interoperability between SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 4; conformal coating of SIPROTEC 5.
  • Process Bus: new portfolio to realize a IEC61850 based digital substation: process bus based on IEC61850-9-2 (Server/Client); time synchronization with IEEE 1588 for high precision applications; SIPROTEC 6MU85 Merging Unit (conventional) and LPIT (Low Power Instrument Transfers).
  • Grid Diagnostic Suite: the Grid Diagnostic Suite contents applications for protection, substation automation & power quality and runs on an open, cloud based IoT operating system called MindSphere. It helps customers saving costs (CAPEX, OPEX), predictive maintenance and increased grid availability/quality of service.
  • Decentralized Busbar Protection (BBP) 7SS85*: the decentralized BBP based on SIPROTEC 5 7SS85 will be the natural successor of the well proven and established 7SS52. It’s based on process bus, where the data acquisition will be handled via merging units with high precise time. Synchronization (IEEE 1588v2/PTP). The first edition can handle up to 20 measuring points / 6 bus zones. The upcoming solution will be designed for 60 bays / 20 bus zones and covers all relevant BBP functions.
  • SIPROTEC Digital Twin is a cloud based platform for virtual testing of the SIPROTEC 5 protection devices. The main role of the digital twin is to predict and optimize performance of a physical asset. For this purpose simulation methods and/or data-based methods are used. It shortens time-to-operation significantly from pre-sales, implementation, commissioning until maintenance/service.
  • SICAM Power Quality and Measurement: great benefits for minimal investment: deze sessie biedt een overzicht van power quality verstoringen die kunnen optreden en de oplossingen die Siemens met SICAM power quality biedt om deze adequaat zichtbaar te maken. De SICAM oplossingen bestaan uit apparaten en software, die tot een compleet power quality systeem kunnen worden geintegreerd.
  • Cybersecurity: cybersecurity is an ongoing topic these days. During this session we update you on the latest developments in the field of cyber security within our SIPROTEC and SICAM products and systems

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