Substation Automation that sets the standards

SICAM: The flexible control and monitoring system

Today power system operation is becoming more and more dynamic – which requires flexible, tailored solutions for reliable operation and efficient project management. The comprehensive SICAM portfolio offers network operators and utilities everything they need for future-proof substation automation – anywhere in the world.

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The products

Substation automation and remote terminal units (RTU)

Substation automation and remote terminal units (RTU)

A successful automation system is the foundation for a high level of functionality and flexibility.

Control, monitoring and diagnostic products

Control, monitoring and diagnostic products

Operation & Monitoring as well as archiving and evaluation of non-operational data are important aspects of a modern substation automation System.

Bay controller

Bay controller

The use of innovative basic technology such as microprocessors and signal processors has made it possible to construct integrated bay controllers that help cut the cost of automation in power supply systems through their extensive functionality.

Short circuit indicators

Short circuit indicators

Precise fault location is the base for a quick service restoration at lowest costs. Monitoring the condition of the feeder like load or cos ϕ will help to prevent critical network situations. Thereby, power system availability and reliability will be improved in a very economical way.

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