Mastering the challenges of changing energy systems

Energy systems are changing - fundamentally and fast

The importance of individual energy sources and options for power generation are changing, as are the ways in which electricity is transmitted and distributed.

Energy topics

  • Power generation is becoming more and more decentralized making grid management increasingly complex
  • Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world  
  • The challenge of decarbonization of the energy landscape...


Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services covering the entire energy value chain. Specifically, it calls for a comprehensive portfolio of physical and digital technologies, products and solutions that allow us to actively build our energy future.

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Products and Solutions

The Siemens portfolio ranges from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions – all backed up by exceptional service offerings and genuine commitment to effectively address our customers’ individual need.

Technical papers

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