Our experience will connect your offshore wind farm up to the grid

Offshore wind farm grid connection

1000 MW
  • Offshore power connected to the grid with Siemens; a further 4,500 MW have already been contracted

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Offshore wind farm grid connection

Connecting generations, securing the grid – today, tomorrow, together

Welcome to Siemens – your partner for offshore wind farm grid connection The demand on electricity grids is greater than ever before – driven by developments on both the generations and consumption sides. And income can only flow where the electricity from your offshore wind farm flows reliably too. We take care of both on your behalf, as we combine. Because we combine innovative technologies with proven solutions for grid connection, successfully tested in thousands of applications. It doesn’t matter whether you need turnkey solutions, all-inclusive component and system packages or service and maintenance: we help your offshore wind farm to deliver, no matter how hard the wind blows.

Offshore wind farm grid connection

Siemens is the world’s leading partner for offshore wind farm grid connections. You too should rely on a trusting cooperation, professional and smooth execution – and unmatched experience.

Direct current, alternating current, electrification – we are never far away

Straight to the quick overview

Quick overview of our solutions

Highly efficient: our standard solutions for direct current

Direct current transmission is more complex than AC technology – but offers some clear advantages with regard to efficiency.

One factor is the distance from the coast: the greater the distance, the more important it becomes to minimise the unavoidable physical power losses. This is where DC technology comes into its own.

Our standard solutions make things even easier, more transparent and up to 30 percent cheaper for you.

Great flexibility doesn’t need a lot of space: our new standard in AC technology

The new AC offshore grid connection solutions from Siemens rely on Offshore Transformer Modules, or OTM for short. The volume of offshore platforms can be reduced by up to 30 percent and weight savings of 33 percent are also possible with these standardised modules. The construction time can be cut by up to 20 percent – so that all in all, you will benefit from cost savings of 40 percent.

You too can profit from the eco-friendly design of the OTM from Siemens, the great flexibility of the supporting structure and the possibility of connecting turbines from various manufacturers. A Technology with advantages you can already use today.

OTM 400 standard module

Modular single transformer AC connection for offshore electricity generation

  • Rated power: up to 400 MW
  • One main transformer
  • Offshore grid connection:

            33 kV or 66 kV
            Up to 9 infeeds

  • Power transmission on shore:

            155 kV or 220 kV
            One export cable
            Balancing reactor up to 100 MVAr
            Compensation reactors

  • Topside:

            Dimensions: 26 m x 26 m x 15 m
            Weight (including equipment): around 1,300 tons

  • Standard foundation: monopile

Always enough power, even at increasing drilling depths: turnkey electrification of your oil and gas platform

Have your offshore oil and gas platform supplied with electricity from the shore – for three good reasons:

Firstly, generating electricity on land with a gas and steam cycle is not only very reliable but also nearly twice as efficient as a single gas turbine cycle on the platform. An advantage that you naturally don’t have to forego if you have to drill deeper in future or use your platform for alternative sources of energy.

Secondly, offshore generation produces noise and vibrations on the platform, quite apart from the safety aspects. And thirdly, the shore connection also benefits your carbon ecological footprint – because you reduce your CO2 consumption by almost 50%.

Good enough reasons to trust a highly available supply from the shore with a turnkey solution from Siemens – including three years with no maintenance required.

Grid connection for your offshore wind farm – together we can make it happen

Every offshore wind farm has different natural and technical requirements. And only the right solution for its grid connection can guarantee long-term reliability and profitability. This is why it’s worth trusting in our experience from the outset.

Whether this be the early involvement of everyone concerned or the realisation of the design concept – a smooth process from the start is not a question of luck but of principles. This also includes feasibility studies and globally viable financing solutions. We define a value creation chain together with you that satisfies the requirements of both the project and the market. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure of a fast realisation of your project – with fewer and optimised interfaces.

It’s easy to plan the future of your offshore platform: we make tomorrow’s reality visible today

Are you looking for a graphic, fact-based decision-making tool? Our digitisation solutions can help you with this.

We simulate the entire life cycle of your offshore platform and your grid connection, quickly make complex relationships understandable and show you how different decisions affect the project term and costs.

Support, services

Offshore grid connection: From advice through to financing – how can we help?

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Creating value – enhancing competitiveness

Customized financial solutions can be a critical step to commercializing efficient technologies for the energy market.


Grid connection for your offshore wind farm – in the best company

BorWin 3

0 MW

Type of transmission: HVDC Capacity: 900 MW Location: 100 km north of Borkum (GER) Voltage level: 155 kV AC and +/-320 kV DC Grid connected: 2019 (scheduled) Owner/operator: TenneT


0 MW

Type of transmission: OTM Capacity: 585 MW Location: 14 km away from the Caithness coastline (UK) Voltage level: 33 kV AC and 220 kV AC Grid connected: 2019 (scheduled) Owner/operator: SSE, CIP, SDIC Power


0 MW

Type of transmission: HVAC Capacity: 402 MW Location: 32 km north of Cromer, North Norfolk (UK) Voltage level: 33 kV AC and 132 kV AC Grid connected: end 2017 (scheduled) Owner/operator: Statkraft, Masdar, Statoil

SylWin 1

0 MW

Type of transmission: HVDC Capacity: 864 MW Location: 70 km west of Sylt (GER) Voltage level: 155 kV AC and +/-320 kV DC Grid connected: 2015 Owner/operator: TenneT


0 MW

Type of transmission: HVAC Capacity: 120 MW Location: 105 kilometres to the north of Borkum (Germany) Voltage level: 33 kV AC & 155 kV AC Completion: 2019 (scheduled) Owner/operator: EnBW


Together to your offshore grid connection – we look forward to hearing from you

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