HRC fuses (DIN) 3NA

HRC fuses (DIN) 3NA are the fastest & simplest current limiting devices. Rated for  500 VAC & 690 VAC – available in wide current range and high short circuit strength, Siemens 3NA fuses are perfectly equipped for overcurrent protection in buildings, Industries & power utilities. 


The unique combi- indication enables the user to view the fuse status, easily, even from a distance. With Siemens fuses, protection is easy, safe and reliable.


The components and auxiliary equipment are designed to ensure the safe replacement of LV HRC fuse systems or isolation of systems.



Additional Option / auxiliaries

  • Fuse Pullers
  • Signal detectors
  • Fuse Bases rated upto 690 VAC
  • Isolating Links



  • Fast identification and replacement of the tripped fuse links Increases plant availability.
  • Front indicator  - red tripping signal.
  • Uniform solution for all sizes - LV HRC signal detectors reliably indicate when a fuse has tripped. This saves time and increases plant availability.
  • The silver-plated Lyra contact provides a large contact area for the contact blade of the LV HRC fuse link. This improves heat dissipation. and lowers the temperature. It also minimizes aging of the fuse link in the maximum load range.
  • The contact spring maintains the contact pressure. This makes the contact resistant to aging; also there will be no abnormal contact wear thereby considerably improves operating safety.