HRC fuses (BS) 3NW  

HRC fuses (BS) 3NW are rated at 415V AC for use in both industrial and building applications.

These fuses are available in a wide range from 2A-800A, in different sizes and mounting options viz. blade tag, central tag & offset tag.


Due to the special design, they provide high rupturing capacity of 80kA combined with low temperature rise under normal load conditions. The quick acting characteristics of the fuses ensure that even under the worst fault conditions, cut off occurs before the peak value of fault current is reached. This ultimately reduces the electromagnetic stress, thus avoiding premature failure of the downstream equipment.


The BS fuse holders are designed for safety & easy operation.


They are used for fuses upto 100A.


Where safety & reliability is a priority, Siemens 3NW fuses are the perfect solution.