SENTRON distribution components

Minimize effort involved in connection and assembly

Shorter and shorter project cycles and growing costs and competitive pressures are increasingly affecting the design and installation of electrical distribution boards, switchboards and control cabinets. Our SENTRON distribution components, including busbar systems and terminal blocks, help save valuable time in assembly and installation.

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Busbars and terminal blocks

Simplified distribution board design

The easier it is to assemble and connect systems and devices for electric power distribution, the faster and more flexibly you can respond to customer needs. Installers and panel builders also benefit from simplified configuration and reduced space requirements in distribution systems and control cabinets.

Time-saving assembly

Our busbar systems for electrical installations make it very easy to add electrotechnical components to distribution systems. The modular construction saves space, and quick-assembly contacts ensure the work of assembly is completed swiftly by implementing longitudinal stays. The busbar spacing is 60mm.

Your benefits

  • Safe, space-saving and transparent assembly
  • Large range of applicable busbars for easy adjustment to various currents up to 1,600 A
  • Considerable cost reduction compared to conventional assembly thanks to mechanical fastening and electrical contacting in a single work step
  • Ready-mounted load feeders for reduced mounting time
  • Global applicability in control cabinets in the field of machine and system engineering

Always the right connection

Terminal blocks let you conveniently connect incoming and outgoing cables in switchboards and control cabinets, while keeping space requirements to a minimum. They can be used in the traffic and automation engineering as well as for electrical installations in buildings. We offer you the complete range of connection types such as screw connections, spring-loaded connections and In-Push-Out (iPo) terminals, combination plug-in terminals, IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) and a wide range of accessories. These can be used in combination with each other, which means you benefit from a high level of flexibility and easier configuration.

Your benefits

  • Fast, time-saving mounting
  • High contact reliability
  • Convenient labeling system
  • Consistent accessories for all connection types
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Find the right distribution components for your needs

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