3WL air circuit breakers

Reliable, versatile, and perfectly integrated

Every power supply depends upon a reliable infeed of electricity. 3WL air circuit breakers reliably protect electrical installations against damage or fire as a result of short circuits, ground faults, or overload faults.

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Heart of the electrical power distribution

3WL air circuit breakers are used as incoming-feeder, coupler, and outgoing-feeder circuit breakers in electrical systems in industry, buildings, and infrastructure applications. They have communications capability and can be easily integrated into higher-level control and energy management systems.
Maintenance and retrofitting of the 3WL circuit breaker is easy and can be done in few steps. See for yourself.

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A broad product range

3WL air circuit breakers are available in four sizes, each featuring a 3- and 4-pole design, and cover a power range from 630 A to 6,300 A. The modular portfolio offers flexibility and provides for easy assembly and subsequent adjustment.

3WL air circuit breakers – versatile and flexible

  • Five power levels of the short-circuit breaking capacity for all applications
  • Available as circuit breakers and non-automatic circuit breakers in an AC version
  • Available as a circuit breaker in a DC version
  • Modules can be specially retrofitted for electronic trip units
  • Different connection technologies
  • Connection option of external input and output modules
  • High security standards thanks to hardware protection and signed firmware
All the essentials on 3WL air circuit breakers at a glance

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3WL10 air circuit breakers – economical and intelligent

3WL air circuit breakers are now also available in a particularly compact size of 0 to 1,250 A. The communications-capable switches minimize the space requirements in the switchgear. With individual electronic trip units, comprehensive internal and external accessories, and a variety of connection technologies, these can be flexibly integrated into switch boards in accordance with IEC61439-2 and incorporated into higher-level energy management systems via communications modules.

3WL air circuit breakers – your benefits at a glance

  • Increased flexibility due to the modular portfolio
  • Increased plant availability and power transparency thanks to functions for communication and energy data acquisition
  • Long service life of equipment thanks to easy replacement of main contact elements and individual arc chutes
  • Efficient operation through the provision of energy data and ready-to-close indicator
  • Consistent, end-to-end communication capability
  • Compliance with worldwide IEC & UL standards
  • Product proven worldwide
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Protection against short circuit, ground fault, and overload

Whether motors, capacitors, transformers, busbars, or cables – 3WL air circuit breakers reliably and efficiently protect electrical installations against damage or fire. Discover our portfolio. 

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