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Comprehensive all-round protection of electrical installations

Despite partially lower power consumption, modern electrical devices and an increase in communications and multimedia equipment are giving rise to an increasing power load in electrical installations in buildings, infrastructures, and industrial plants. Aging and insufficient protection devices are frequently unable to meet these requirements. In addition to the threat of electric shock, function failure, or the destruction of electrical systems, deficiencies and excessive power loads primarily lead to a risk of electrical fires. Rely on an intelligent electrical installation – and play it safe with protection devices from the SENTRON portfolio.

Learn more about preventive and standard-compliant fire protection in electrical installations.

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Expanded fire protection

Preventive protection against electrical fires

According to the international standard IEC 60364-4-42, AFDDs (Arc Fault Detection Devices) are strongly recommended all over Europe in specific locations of use.

Safety first – first in safety

AFDDs from Siemens can protect functional and public buildings as well as private homes. The AFDD is the first of its kind that is already established since 2012 and fulfills all relevant rules and standards worldwide, including IEC 60364-4-42. It reliably detects serial arcing faults at an early stage and closes the safety gap to protect human lives and buildings. Moreover, it is part of a complete protection concept by Siemens – that’s one stop safety.

Brand new in the Siemens‘ portfolio is the 5SV6 – the Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) with an integrated line protection in one modular width. Due to its narrow design, the 5SV6 AFDD allows for a particularly space-saving installation. For new electrical installations, this saves fifty percent space compared with the installation of two separate devices. In existing buildings, the innovative AFDD can be easily retrofitted and without requiring additional space.
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Arcing faults occur faster than you might think

Different types of arcing faults – serial or parallel – can occur. Parallel arcing faults can be caused by such things as aging insulation material or conductive contamination between the phase conductors. Causes of serial arcing faults include damaged cable insulation, crushed cabling, bent connectors, or loose contact points and connections in the electrical installation. The result is intense heating that can lead to a cable fire and even to a fire in the building.

Common protection devices, such as fuse systems, miniature circuit breakers, and residual current circuit breakers are unable to detect serial arcing faults. This problem is remedied by the AFDD. Using patented SIARC detection methodology, it detects serial arcing faults and closes the previous safety gap.

According to the international standard IEC 60364-4-42, arc fault detection devices are strongly recommended for example in woodworking industries!

Optimum protection where it really matters

The 5SM6 AFD unit from Siemens can be used anywhere that requires extra safety – from chemistry labs to daycare centers.

SENTRON protection devices protect against all safety hazards

The protection devices from the SENTRON portfolio are suitable for use in buildings, infrastructures and industrial applications. Independent of branch and application, the comprehensive protection concept for all protective measures required by and exceeding international standards offers everything you need for the complete protection of humans, assets, and plants.

Simply safe with SENTRON protection devices

With an intelligent electrical installation and a state-of-the-art protection concept, you can avoid many dangers. We help you with the easy, fast, and customized implementation of standard-compliant and all-round safe solutions – throughout your entire value chain.

Complete portfolio of products, enclosures, software and consultation for reliable, efficient, and all around protection of electrical installations.

Easy operation, assembly and installation, as well as flexible usage of all protection devices due to consistent design and accessories.

The established portfolio covers all safety hazards and protects electrical installations in accordance to all standards and individual requirements.

Professional software, tender documents and comprehensive engineering data enable easy, fast and flawless planning.

Safety – perfectly packaged

The product portfolio for an integrated protection concept in the electrical installation is optimally supplemented by the ALPHA power distribution boards. These distribution boards enable the convenient installation of all protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices from the SENTRON portfolio.

Better to play it safe! – SENTRON protection devices for modern electrical installations

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Successful daily routines

Learn more about the SENTRON protection devices and their use in daily practice.
More information about preventive fire protection

Play it safe

New standards, expanded use, or upgrading the electrical installation: There are many reasons to address protection measures. The SENTRON protection concept offers everything you need for the reliable all-round protection of humans, assets, and plants.   Learn more about preventive fire protection in electrical installations.

White paper: Preventive fire protection

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