Residual current protective devices

Every year, Germany has approx.

  • notifiable accidents involving electricity

  • nearly 90% of electrical accidents occur in the low-voltage range

  • In homes, on construction sites, in companies

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Protection from residual currents

More safety for humans, plants and assets

The number of electrical consumers in residential homes and commercial buildings has increased significantly in recent decades. The latest electrical devices often have quite different characteristics in terms of current consumption than earlier devices, due to frequency converters in washing machines, for example, or switched-mode power supply units in TVs, PCs or LED lights. There are also decentralized power producers like photovoltaic systems or charging devices for electric vehicles. All of this requires new protection strategies for electrical installations. This also includes appropriate residual current protection devices or residual current circuit breakers that will cut the current immediately and safely in the event of a fault.

Preventing electric shocks and electrical fires

Wiring errors, insulation faults, defective devices or faulty work on electrical systems can trigger dangerous residual currents – and cause accidents or electrical fires as a consequence. Residual current protective devices (RCDs) can prevent these from happening. They protect against dangerous shock currents when conductive objects that are under tension are touched, either directly or indirectly. Residual current operated circuit breakers (RCCBs) quickly and safely cut the power to the monitored circuit if a set differential current is exceeded. For many areas of application, the installation of RCCBs with rated residual currents no greater than 30 mA is mandatory in new buildings: for example, since 1984 in rooms with a bath or shower, and since 2007, additionally, for all socket-outlet circuits with a rated current of up to 20 A that are intended for use by non-professionals and otherwise for general use.

RCCBs – the right type for all cases

Our SENTRON portfolio of residual current protective devices (RCDs) includes basic residual current operated circuit breakers (RCCBs) with no integrated overvoltage protection, combined RCBO with residual current detection and overvoltage protection in a single device, and, as an alternative, RC unit that can be fitted to miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). All RCDs are available in different types and versions suited to detecting different types of residual current and different areas of application.

Preventing electrical fires

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The right version for every requirement

  • Super-resistent K
    with an impulse withstand strength greater than 3 kA will prevent unwanted power disconnections by briefly delaying the tripping of the RCCB. This avoids unnecessary triggering and thus any consequential system disruptions, e.g. if pulsed leakage current develops, such as when capacitors are activated.
  • Selective S
    with an impulse withstand strength greater than 5 kA, uses time-delayed tripping and staggered tripping times and rated residual currents to selectively disconnect individual system components.
  • Patented SIGRES version 
    have been designed to provide protection under unusual conditions, like gas or moisture in the ambient air, and offer maximum safety and a long service life thanks to integrated condensation protection.

RCCBs in the SENTRON Portfolio – your benefits

  • Large selection of types and versions to provide protection in the event of direct and indirect contact
  • Extensive, uniform package of accessories for additional functions
  • Portfolio for all requirements in industry, infrastructure and buildings
  • All RCDs according to national and international standards
  • Accessory components can be added rapidly to increase the range of functions
  • 5SV RCCBs can be supplied with power connection on the left or right sides
  • Can be used with standard pin busbars for every application
  • Separate switch position indicator and handle imprint improve ease of use
  • Reach-around and touch protection provides for safer installation
  • Integrated manual slider operation
  • Rapid dismantling by simply releasing the devices from the busbar assembly – no tools required
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