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Electrical switching – safe, flexible, and productive

Safely disconnecting electrical systems from the power grid is essential to protecting humans as well as the systems themselves. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of SENTRON switching devices for safe, standard-compliant, and efficient switching of electrical equipment. Humans are protected at all times from electrical accidents, and electrical systems are reliably protected from damage. You benefit additionally from a flexible and more productive engineering process.

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Switch disconnectors and transfer switching equipment

End-to-end safety for users and systems

Whether it’s during installation or maintenance: An adequate protection must be provided when working on electrical systems and equipment in order to prevent electrical accidents or damage. The safety of operating personnel always takes priority. It’s therefore essential to be able to safely disconnect systems from the power supply. At the same time, an uninterrupted power supply must be ensured wherever possible to prevent the failure and downtime of electrical systems.
All the essentials on switch disconnectors and transfer switching equipment at a glance

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Enhancing safety while lowering costs and complexity

Switch disconnectors allow electrical equipment and components to be connected and disconnected even under electrical load. Transfer switching equipment enable switching between two power sources and so ensure a consistent power supply. These devices are simple to install and put into operation. Additional functions can be easily retrofitted thanks to the modular design of the devices and the extensive range of accessories. Convenient ordering processes and fast delivery optimize stock keeping and reduce your time and financial investment. You can also use our CAx data to automate and simplify system planning and configuration.

3KF switch disconnectors with fuses

3KF switch disconnectors with fuses meet all the requirements for main control, EMERGENCY-STOP, and maintenance switches. They are designed to systematically prevent electrical accidents. For example, a suitable locking function during maintenance work prevents any unauthorized operation. These devices are simple to install, and additional functions can be easily retrofitted. Suitable LV HRC fuse links are available for up to 800 A.

3KD switch disconnectors

3KD switch disconnectors can be flexibly applied as main control, EMERGENCY-STOP, and maintenance switches. This is possible thanks to versatile connection options, operating mechanism designs, as well as an comprehensive range of accessories. The terminal covers ensure enhanced touch protection and prevent electric shock. Thanks to transparent covers, contact postions are clearly visible at all times.

3KC transfer switching equipment

3KC transfer switching equipment safely switch between two power sources and ensure continuous power supply if one power supply source fails. These devices can also switch between two loads and prevent operational failures. In addition to the automatic transfer switching equipment (3KC ATSE), a remote-controlled variant 3KC RTSE as well as a manually operated version 3KC MTSE are also available. The 3KC MTSE is suited for manual transfer switching operations up to 1,600 A between two grids or two electrical loads, and can be mechanically interlocked. Used in industrial and infrastructure applications, all of these transfer switching devices fulfill the requirements according to the IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC 60947-3 standards.

3LD main control and EMERGENCY-STOP switching equipment

When power failures occur, our 3LD2 switch disconnectors safely disconnect and isolate electrical systems – and that applies to AC motors as well as air-conditioning systems and solar power installations. These switches have been proved in numerous applications, especially in the machine-building and conveyor system sectors and the chemical, food, and beverage industries. They’re certified as manually operated switch disconnectors in line with requirements specified by IEC 60947-3, DIN VDE 0660 Part 107, and EN 60947-3. According to DIN EN 60204-1, they can also be used as On/Off, EMERGENCY-STOP, and main control switches. Designs compliant with UL Standard 508 are available for international applications.

3NP fuse switch disconnectors

The modular 3NP fuse switch disconnectors provide an extensive range of protection functions and convenient connection technology. The reach-around and touch protection, for example, prevents users from coming into contact with live parts when installing busbar systems, even when accessing unit rear-sides. The switches are available in five performance sizes up to 630 A and are very space-saving, thanks to their compact design. It’s easy to install these devices on mounting plates or rails or in busbar systems.

3NJ4 and 3NJ5 in-line fuse switch disconnectors

The 3NJ4 and 3NJ5 in-line fuse switch disconnectors combine load switching and disconnect functions in a single system. Thanks to their integrated LV HRC fuse, they also protect systems in the case of overload or short-circuits. With their extremely compact in-line design, these disconnectors offer a wide range of connection options, and can also be installed in very confined spaces. The switch disconnectors are perfect for occasional manual switching operations and isolation of electrical load branch-offs and power distributors in industrial and infrastructure applications.

3NJ6 in-line switch disconnectors with fuses

3NJ6 switch disconnectors with fuses feature an integrated switching device with single or double interruption capacity. They are especially well-suited for applications where large numbers of cable runs for power distribution need to be housed in extremely confined spaces. The intelligent plug technology ensures that installation is simple and convenient.

Switching devices for manual switching operations

Switching devices can serve to switch lighting systems, motors, and other electrical devices on and off. Switching devices designed for manual operations enable users to switch electrical loads on and off manually at any time. In addition, it’s very simple to install our devices, with no tools needed for installation.

Switching devices for electrical switching operations

Electrical switching occurs whenever a controller is used for control or automated function purposes – for example, in building or stairwell lighting systems, heating systems, and motors. Our remote control switches for chopper actuation, switching relays, or Insta contactors perform switching operations for electrical loads automatically. Time-controlled switches can enhance safety and convenience and reduce energy consumption.

Transformers, power supply units, and socket outlets

Whether you need socket outlets for installation in the distribution board or power supply devices – we offer you a comprehensive range of design variants to VDE, UL, CEI, or CEE standards. The short-circuit-proof transformers and power supply units serving various voltages and power levels meet all the requirements of safety extra-low-voltage systems.

A power failure can have serious consequences

The 3KC ATC6300 and ATC 6500 transfer control devices enables safe and fault-free switching between two power sources. The 3KC is deployed above all where a mains failure can have critical consequences. In case of power supply faults, it switches from a main power supply to a standby power supply. In doing so, it safeguards an uninterruptible power supply.

The entire portfolio of switching devices at a glance

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End-to-end safety

In technical installations, the safety of humans and machines always has top priority. With SENTRON switching devices, you benefit from reliable personal protection as well as high system availability. Our broad range of products ensures a consistent and continuous power supply while preventing power failures and plant downtimes. Discover our extensive portfolio now.

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