SIECAP™ LV Power Capacitors 

SIEMENS SIECAP™ 4RB range of capacitor can withstand high inrush  currents caused while individual switching operation (>100IR) as well while connected in parallel, i.e. as banks (>150 IR).

SIECAP™ range of capacitor is based MPP technology [Metalized of Zinc Al alloy over Polypropylene dielectric] of film making with an impregnation of semi-dry biodegradable soft resin.  

SIEMENS capacitor range broadly classified in two variants:

  • Low Voltage 3 phase Power Capacitors - SIECAP™ ND  
    (Normal duty :Voltage range 415…480V, Output range 0.5…30kvar)
  • Low Voltage 3 Phase Power Capacitors - SIECAP™ HD
    (Heavy duty : Voltage range 415…525V, Output range 1…33.1 kvar)
  • Low Voltage 3 Phase Power Capacitors - SIECAP™ SHD
    (Super heavy duty :Voltage range 415…690V, Output range 1…33kvar) 

Salient features:

  • IEC60831–1/2 Edition 3.0 (2014),IS13340–1/2 (2012)
  • SIECAP™ capacitors are most compact and light in weight.
  • Wavy cut design
  • Self-healing
  • Overpressure disconnector
  • SIGUT terminals