Medium-voltage components

Highly available and efficient power supply with vacuum technology

In power stations and transformer substations, local grids, transformer and transfer stations, on ships and trains: Switchgears and devices for operating medium-voltage networks can be found in all kinds of applications. Our comprehensive portfolio of vacuum switching technology for installation in air-insulated medium-voltage switchgears ensures power distribution that’s reliable and safe at all times.

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Vacuum interrupters

Always reliable

Vacuum interrupters are the centerpiece of our medium-voltage components. The hermetically sealed vacuum contact gap keeps the switching characteristics of the interrupters constant throughout their entire lifecycle. Special contact materials made by Siemens ensure that our vacuum interrupters offer absolutely top performance. With valuable features that include high short-circuit switching capacity and minimum forward resistance, they ensure reliable switching even under difficult environmental conditions – like vibration and fluctuating frequencies – regardless of whether they’re installed horizontally or vertically. Our vacuum interrupters can perform up to 30,000 operating cycles when used in circuit breakers and up to three million for contactors – maintenance-free, throughout their entire service life. 
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Medium-voltage power distribution

Vacuum technology – prepared for all requirements

A high level of availability and long service life – these are the determining criteria when selecting medium-voltage switching devices. That’s one of the reasons why more than 70 percent of all network operators choose vacuum switching technology today. Hermetically sealed vacuum interrupters guarantee consistently high quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. There’s little wear, given the extremely low arc voltage, just like the minimum energy conversion in the contact gap – thanks to the short arcing time. The very low contact resistance prolongs the product’s service life and keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. 

Our medium-voltage components are comprehensively based on vacuum technology and comply with all current national and international standards. These devices can be used in almost all medium-voltage power distribution applications and can be adapted for other specific requirements as appropriate. You’ll benefit from a high level of reliability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Vacuum switching technology and devices for medium voltage

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