Agile, Resilient and Smart Power Infrastructure

Agile, Resilient and Smart Power Infrastructure

We Care, we have your back as you head back to Work

In these troubling times of ‘social distancing’ and ‘working from home’, the usage of electricity in powering our current and future societies is more evident than ever before. However, the power sector is not immune to the adverse effects of the pandemic. The long-term impact of the current situation would only become apparent with time. Nevertheless, some early impacts of COVID-19 on the Indian power sector are already becoming evident. These early impacts create a basis for future discussion to aid in mitigating adverse effects and better preparing the power sector for such events in the future.The impacts have clearly surfaced in the way we work and deliver results. Business outcomes are the key deliverables even in these scenarios and it is evident that our people are the fulcrum. We at Siemens Smart Infrastructure realise this need and have innovated our offerings keeping ‘care’ at the focal point of all our innovations. With Social Distancing, Limited Travel being the new normal constraints, we will still be successful in enabling you maximize efficiencies while keeping in mind the health and safety of your employees. We would like to highlight that these solutions have relevance not only in unlocking but they are here to stay and are not limited only to work in such pandemics. Infact, they will only help to make us resilient to future impacts.
Digitalization of Switchboards

Keep the power system running no matter where you are

Things are going to be different when people get back to their workplace – be it offices, factories or other commercial establishments. Social distancing, reduced workforce and personal safety being the new normal, the challenge for Utility / Facility Managers is to keep the electrical power system up and running with minimal human intervention.


Our solutions with communication capable switchgear and IoT enabled Switchboards using SENTRON powercenter3000 address these challenges effectively. With a host of options to choose from - both “On-premise” and  “Cloud connected” solutions - for power monitoring, we ensure that you are in control of the power system even without being present physically.


Our apps like SENTRON powermanger and SENTRON powermind give total transparency of the power flow and feeder status helping you and your power system to stay safe and healthy. 

Key components of our Digital Switchboards include

Digitalization of Secondary Distribution Grid

Enhance Up-time of field assets no matter where you are

Health emergencies add distinctive twists, including the potential of widespread quarantines, workforce disruptions and travel restrictions that has led to “Work From Home” for SCADA operation manpower and limited workforce on field to keep the electrical power system up and running with minimal human intervention.


We offer simple, easy & yet affordable smart solution that would make MV field assets speak digitally over cloud & smart mobile platform directly empowering the field operators be more flexible in examining the real time network status, GPS fault traceability, load analysis, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance & reporting together ensuring improved response time, higher uptime & optimized OpEx, all this without investing heavily in full scale central SCADA.



Our cloud compatible Smart RMU/ CSS can be hooked up over mobile app like SICAM Navigator which  harnesses power of IoT to bring the power of visualization and monitoring right into the palm of your hand.

Value proposition

Remote Assisted Operation & troubleshooting from anywhere, anytime

While stepping into new normal of social distancing, it will be tough to have round the clock trained manpower always at our disposal. Yet power systems need to be maintained & kept fully functional. Any incorrect operations may lead to unsafe conditions, maloperations, breakdowns etc. leading to downtimes. Our mobile app “SOAR” – Smart Operation using Augmented Reality addresses these challenges in assisting users to operate their switchgears correctly, leveraging technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Also with our “Remote Assist through AR glasses” solution, field operators can remotely perform troubleshooting while getting directions from experts sitting in back office. All this possible just over a mobile connection. Above solutions greatly adds to the flexibility of operators, respecting the  new normal working life ahead.

Features of SOAR App:

  • “Step-by-step” process guide (through Augmented and Virtual reality features) to operate the Siemens Equipment with required ‘check boxes’ and ‘interlock instructions’
  • Recording of all process steps undertaken by operator
  • “Interactive issue resolver” feature to provide solutions based on issue mentioned
  • “Enquire through app” feature to enquire and track spare part procurement through app

Features of Remote assist through AR Glasses:

  • When the operator wears the AR glasses at site and places a call to an expert sitting in factory, the operator becomes the eyes of the expert and everything in his field of vision the expert can see. 
  • The expert can then guide the operator through any troubleshooting or rectification measures in real time through various tools of AR. It becomes as if the expert itself is operating on the panel without the need for travel thereby increasing your uptime, improving reliability and reducing human error. 

Wondering if Grid Operations could be monitored from safety and comfort of your home?

Now more than ever, we are realizing the true power and need of Digitalization. These unprecedented times have brought challenges in business continuity,    working with reduced manpower & also ensuring safety of our people by following social distancing norms. Our agile, resilient & smart solutions are here to  provide  you the peace of mind that you can manage your Grid operations with minimum touchpoints.


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