Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage is the Cost-efficient Solution

As renewable energy production increases, operators are challenged to supply reliable energy at premium cost-efficiency. Siemens Energy Storage solutions promote on-demand, dispatchable renewable power, increase profitability during fluctuating demand, optimize on-site power sources, capitalize on peak loads (while reducing demand charges), increase conventional power plant flexibility, and provide operating reserves while improving the security of your energy supply. Our team uses innovative design and simulation tools to tailor an agnostic technology portfolio to your specific requirements. Siemens Partnerships provide performance guarantees that future-proof your Energy Storage budget. 

Portfolio Overview

Independent Energy Storage Solutions

During the last decade, renewable energy capacity grew from 1,000 to 2,195 GW. Over 42% of renewable capacity is now Solar photovoltaic (PV) (+402 GW) and Wind (+539 GW). This unprecedented growth was repeatedly underestimated. A similar underestimation is seen for current energy storage, especially when considering the value in sector coupling between industrial and power sectors. Energy storage technologies promote grid-level integration for configurations with large percentages of renewable energy sources, support transmission and distribution (T&D) systems, and are pre-requisites for both deep-decarbonization and sector coupling.

Independent Energy Storage Solutions Provider

From initial analysis to energy storage maintenance, you benefit from our expertise.  Siemens is focused on the complete project lifecycle. 

Turnkey solutions – from a single source

Technical options aside, we recommend using a vendor-independent storage solution that best suits your specific needs. And we assume full responsibility for the integration and commissioning of the complete solution, covering everything from the necessary electrical components to grid connection. Your entire project is managed by us, right through to final plant commissioning and the provision of long-term maintenance services. 

Performance Guarantee – reliability you can trust

Investing in new technology doesn’t have to be risky: We back your desired Siemens energy storage solutions with a performance guarantee. In us, you have a partner who can not only competently install your technology, but can also assure the performance using our advanced monitoring and control system which ensures that your performance metrics will be in line with our predictions, if not better. 

Central system monitoring – worldwide

Continuous plant monitoring and rapid troubleshooting are essential for the smooth, high-performance operation of your system. With our Remote Expert Center (REC), we can keep an eye on your system around the clock. This specialized monitoring and analysis system allows us to continuously optimize your plant’s operational strategies based on real-world system parameters. Our service technicians are available for quick troubleshooting – either remotely or on-site.  They remotely access via secured connections, for continuous monitoring and alarm management. Regardless of your location Siemens has a worldwide service presence for quick on-site repairs. We provide a convenient customer web portal to access system monitoring and reporting apps. Lastly, you can protect economic profitability by guaranteeing your plant performance. 

Our expertise

Backed by one-of-a-kind Siemens-developed design and simulation tools, our multi-level management and control systems are optimized for every application. 

Why Choose Siemens? 



  • Optimized solutions 
  • Simplified, financing at a lower cost 
  • Guaranteed performance 
  • Minimized risk