WEC in Abu Dhabi

World Energy Congress (WEC) 2019

It was a pleasure to welcome you to our booth at WEC 2019. We look forward to supporting you in making a difference for the future of energy!  See you again at WEC 2022 in Russia. 
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World Energy Congress 2019

Ingenuity to make a difference for the future of energy

The World Energy Congress (WEC) gathers more than 4,000 participants from over 150 countries. It was a pleasure to meeting you at one of the world’s largest and most influential energy events in Abu Dhabi.

Siemens Gas and Power (GP) is a global pacesetter in energy, helping customers to meet the demands of industries and societies. At the WEC, we showcase our broad competencies across the entire energy value chain - for utilities, independent power producers, transmission system operators and the oil and gas industry.


How can we secure reliable and efficient energy supply globally? How can conventional and renewable power generation cooperate in a future energy system? How can complex grids be managed thoroughly and how does increasing digitalization contribute to these challenges? How can we secure the capital needed to fund the energy infrastructure of the future?


Let’s make a difference for the future of energy!

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Our topics at the World Energy Congress

Securing energy supply

Global demand for energy is growing. Yet billions of people either don‘t have access to power or can‘t rely on a stable energy supply. Industrialization has also increased harmful emissions to dangerous levels, partly due to using coal as a feedstock. Energy transition is gradually adopting a mix of solutions that address energy access and supply, while also reducing emissions. Our portfolio supports a variety of energy transition situations, depending on your local, unique needs and applications. These solutions range from providing a reliable hydrocarbon backbone to expanding natural gas infrastructure to encouraging more renewables…all with the end goal of making energy stable, available and affordable for everyone, worldwide.

Making energy greener

Global warming is recognized as a threatening environmental problem. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide contribute to climate change. The challenge in the coming years is to decarbonize power generation, without risking the security of the power supply. The road to a sustainable future will be paved by the co-existence of renewables and low-carbon fossil energy. We support the expansion and integration of renewables with solutions for hybrid power, energy storage, power-to-x, and sector coupling. Our highly efficient gas and steam turbines increase the efficiency of fossil power generation. Hydrogen co-fired gas turbines will push the use of low-carbon or carbon-free fuels, super-efficient combined cycle plants support the coal-to-gas conversion. The transition to a low-carbon future has already begun!

Making digitalization happen

Half of the data available today was generated only last year, but most players in the energy sector struggle to put this data to work. At the same time, rapidly changing market requirements have increased the demand for data analysis; interpretation and advice that could make an impact on the bottom line, or better yet, enable anew and disruptive business model. 

Reliable, efficient operations and predictive maintenance are key focus areas, but the increase in connectivity, and data traffic flow brought in from the industrial internet of things (IIoT) leads to a new vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

We know that digital transformation is about more than just technology - so not only do we offer a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art digital services for energy, but also a collaborative approach to solution design and our business model flexibility. We are the trusted advisor that makes digitalization happen. 

Managing complexity in the grid 

Various factors will dominate the power transmission market in the years to come: the drive toward renewable energy, the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructures, and the need to gradually replace and upgrade aging grid infrastructures as well as an increase in cross-border electricity exchanges between countries, the changes in conventional power station locations, and increasing urbanization. Integrated thinking keeps you prepared for these future challenges, so you can consistently enhance value creation. Data flows and analytics create flexible control loops that enable you to constantly adapt your transmission systems in line with the continuous process of change. 


Financing the future of energy

More than ever, customers require a one-stop solution of engineering excellence and innovative financial products to meet the evolving demands of the market. Energy projects often require substantial amounts of capital to develop and deliver a sustainable solution. Although committed capital is required across the entire lifecycle of an energy project, it is vital that funds are secured upfront in order to ensure timely completion for these complex projects. Financial solutions from an experienced and reliable investor enables customers to seamlessly fulfill long-term business goals and deliver on their energy transformation strategy.

At the booth

Watch our transition talks

Every day at lunchtime our experts gave presentations on one of our core topics.
WEC conference

Our speakers at the conference

Keynote address

Lisa Davis  – Chief Executive Officer Gas and Power and Member of the Managing Board 



Session: The role of hydrogen in a sustainable and secure future

Willi Meixner – Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Power Generation Operations

Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier for reducing carbon emissions in the heavy transport and industrial sectors and providing long-term storage capability to the electricity sector. As an increasing number of countries look towards the green opportunities presented by hydrogen, this session will explore the opportunities and challenges for both producers and consumers – from developing the most viable business models to overcoming technological barriers.


Session: Cyber security – 3 clicks from collapse

Leo Simonovich – Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security

The increasing interconnection and digitisation of the energy sector, along with the sector’s critical role in the functioning of a modern economy, makes it a highly attractive target for cyber-attacks. The advent of process control systems and next-generation communication networks brings a new scale of cyber risk, with a successful attack potentially impacting the power supply of an entire country. Greater resilience to cyber risk is critical to current and future energy security.


Session: New models of leadership – Profit with purpose

Karim Amin  – CEO of Power Generation 

Profit with purpose is set to become the new norm. Investors and consumers are increasingly buying into companies that deliver positive social change on issues such as climate change, energy access and diversity and inclusion, alongside financial returns. What are the implications of purpose over profit for delivering energy prosperity?


WEC 2019

Interview with Christoph Frei

As Secretary General of the World Energy Council, Christoph Frei has spent a decade defining the world energy agenda and bringing together energy leaders and decision makers to build a sustainable future. Frei takes a look at where we stand ten years after the Grand Energy Transition has taken up speed and what the top challenges are.

Trivia Game

Do you know...?

Test your knowledge in energy topics. Visit our booth to discover more!
siemens question cards

When will all of Siemens gas turbines be able to be run on 100% hydrogen?


all of Siemens gas turbines will be able to be run on 100% hydrogen.

How many people are
provided with reliable
energy by Siemens
Egypt Megaproject?

40 million people

are provided with reliable electricity by Siemens Egypt Megaproject.

What is the most economic solution to increase transmission capacity over long distances?


is the most economic solution to increase transmission capacity over long distances with lower transmission losses.

Intelligent enhancement and control of existing grid infrastructures plus increased asset utilisation is enabled by … ?


enables intelligent enhancement and control of existing grid infrastructures plus increased asset utilisation.

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Impressions from the WEC 2019

About us

Siemens Gas and Power

Siemens Gas and Power (GP) is a global pacesetter in energy, helping customers to meet the demands of industries and societies. GP comprises broad competencies across the entire energy value chain and offers a uniquely comprehensive portfolio for utilities, independent power producers, transmission system operators and the oil and gas industry. Products, solutions and services address the extraction, processing and the transport of oil and gas as well as power generation in central and distributed thermal power plants and power transmission in grids. With global headquarters in Houston in the U.S. and more than 64,000 employees in over 80 countries, Siemens Gas and Power has a presence across the globe and is a leading innovator for the energy systems of today and tomorrow, as it has been for more than 150 years.

Siemens at the WEC since 1924

Meeting the world’s energy needs adequately and efficiently across borders while contributing to understanding between peoples – that was the big idea behind the World Power Conference (today, the World Energy Congress), which was held for the first time ever in 1924. Siemens has been a part of this event from the very beginning and has even served twice as its organizer. Over the years, the company has regularly delivered ideas and solutions to address the most pressing energy-related issues of the times, and it continues to do so today.


That’s how we are making a difference for the future of energy