Equipment and technology finance

The pace of change in many industries is now dictated by the pace of technological innovation

Financial solutions from Siemens help businesses of all sizes grow, fueling the pace of development and innovation with smart financing solutions for Siemens and third-party equipment and technology. We are deeply committed to our customers, helping customers and vendor partners across the globe from a wide range of sectors with a service that is fast and effective. Our solutions combine equipment and technology with smart finance so that businesses of any size can tap into tomorrow’s equipment and technology to build a better future.

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Financing that makes a difference

Solutions for organizations and vendors

Our objective is to form a relationship in which we will be able to work closely with you, as a trusted partner, over the long term. This will enable us to provide you with the assurance that both the financial solution you need for the equipment and technology and the expertise required to plan and tailor the finance effectively will always be available to you. We invest time in understanding your business requirements and goals so that we can add value through both good times and bad.
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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: The global investment challenge

World-class technology is often the key to making your business better, however you choose to define it.

Whether your aim is to improve processes and performance, make your workplace more efficient or simply offer your customers the best experience possible, we finance the equipment and technology you need to meet your goals – all while helping you to optimize cash flow, increase financial flexibility and meet stakeholder growth and profitability targets. 


We provide a wide range of finance products, such as leasing and rental, and is focused on providing tailored solutions including energy-efficiency programs and other usage-based financing plans.  At the same time, end-of-term services such as logistics and re-marketing means your financed assets are supported across their entire life span.


Discover the difference partnering with Siemens will make to your business:

- Easier financing through exceptional customer service and seamless processes

- Customized solutions that build on a combination of financial expertise and industry know-how 

- Unique financing models for each market, tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs

- Smooth implementation of complex international transactions through the global Siemens network

- Expertise in country-specific tax and legal systems

Understanding equipment and technology finance

Find out how we can help your vision come to life, with financing options tailored to specific industries and technologies, a global network of contacts and a comprehensive approach to securing assets, from purchase through to end-of-life. 


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Equipment and technology has the power to make businesses more efficient and profitable; our financing solutions enable the sales process

Whether for a manufacturer of equipment or technology, a vendor or a channel partner, we provide sales financing programs across the globe that enhance a vendor’s competitive edge. We help equipment vendors improve sales opportunities and overcome competitive pressures by providing a distinct and tangible point of difference at the point of sale:

- Finance from Siemens provides the vendor with the ability to offer customers a complete finance solution, including maintenance, servicing, hardware and software.

- Affordable payment options can help the vendor’s customer to consider a higher technical specification and a better solution to fit their needs.

- Vendors can benefit from the strong and trusted Siemens brand, giving the vendor’s customers confidence from the outset.


Partner with Siemens today and benefit from:

- Fast, efficient vendor-oriented processes 

- Innovative e-business solutions

- Market know-how, for example in the industry, healthcare, energy efficiency, information and communication technology, construction and office equipment sectors

- Dedicated experts for international vendor support

- Support in the field, with over 100 locations across the globe

- Long-term, reliable partner with a name you and your customers can trust

Understanding vendor finance

Find out how we can help your vision come to life, with financing options tailored to specific industries and technologies, a global network of contacts and a comprehensive approach to securing assets, from purchase through to end-of-life. 


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How vendor finance works

Latest healthcare research from Siemens Financial Services

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: The global investment challenge

More than an investment in technology

Protecting the environment for future generations, enabling industrial productivity, improving the quality of life or making healthcare accessible – whatever your mission, our financial experts can help. We invest as a long-term, strategic partner for organizations around the world to ensure access to the equipment and technology that makes a difference. 

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Financial solutions in practice

Siemens combines the industry experience needed to understand your individual vision with the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how we’re helping businesses in healthcare, transportation, industrial production and other industries today.