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Now more than ever, the Pharmaceutical industry is under tremendous pressure to deliver affordable and effective medicines. Backed by our extensive experience of the healthcare industry, Siemens Financial Services understands the criticality of your mission. We are here to partner with you to bring your vision to life
Food and beverage industry financing

Equipment and Technology Finance

We offer Pharmaceutical manufacturers access to equipment loans and leases that enable them to invest in the latest technology.

Collateral-Free, Tax-Efficient, Quick

As a long-term, reliable partner for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers across the world, Siemens Financial Services has the technical expertise and financial know-how to ensure you have access to solutions that makes a difference.  

Refinance solutions


Pharmaceutical manufacturers can leverage their existing equipment to unlock more funds

Improve Liquidity, Better Rates, Leverage owned equipment

Siemens Financial Services empowers Pharmaceutical manufacturers to gain more value from their exisiting machines. When liquidity is low and equipment purchase is not on the radar, transferring your exisiting equipment loan for a superior financial solution from Siemens or refinancing existing machines can give your business a significant advantage.

Assignment of Receivables

Deferred Payment

Easy working capital solutions from Siemens give Pharmaceutical manufacturers the flexibility to repay over an extended period of time.

Smoothen Cash-flows, Optimize Working capital, Unlock Liquidity

Pharmaceutical businesses today need to balance operational costs with the need to invest in latest technology. Defer payments to match cash inflows so that your business can grow sustainably.

Vendor finance

Supplier/Vendor Finance

Our financing solutions equip machine manufacturers with a unique proposition - allowing them to offer a comprehensive technology and finance package to customers.

Boost Sales, Improve customer satisfaction, Long-term relationships

Siemens Financial Services partners with Machine Manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical industry to form long-term, reliable partnerships. Boost sales with a comprehensive solution of technology and finance.

At SFS we focus on winning more, together.

Financing technology across the Pharma Value Chain

Siemens Financial Services finances a wide spectrum of machines to Analyse, Produce and Package medication.


Siemens Financial Services understands the regulatory and high-quality demands of the Pharmaceutical industry where the need to deliver life-saving solutions is everpresent. We empower customers like you with finance that makes a difference.


With 21 offices across the country, our finance experts are accessible to Pharmaceutical manufacturers across India.

Unlocking growth potential for Pharma Manufacturers with the SFS Advantage

Making the switch - Upgrading technology for financial gains

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Research suggests that the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry stands to gain approximately     $ 2,857 m from making the switch to digitalization


Pharmaceutical companies can invest in Industry 4.0 technology (in R&D, production, logistics, distribution, contract manufacturing) with payments spread out to make the upgrade financially beneficial

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