Components & Services

Siemens is a single-source supplier for a full range of electrical and mechanical components – along with solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and on-board power supply for modern mass-transit railway vehicles.


Forming the connection between the car body and the tracks, the bogie plays an important role in safety and comfort of passengers. Siemens is one of the largest producers of bogie for passenger Rolling Stock in the world and offers a wide range of products for all types of non-powered bogies, powered bogies, Jacobs bogies and locomotive bogies for mainline traffic as well as for light and heavy metro vehicles, low-floor tramways and light rail vehicles.

2000 Bogie (Heavy Metro Bogie)

SF 2000 motor and trailer bogies are designed for mass rapid transit vehicles such as urban rail vehicles and metro cars, with maximum car weight of 65 t, installed output up to 1000 kW and running speeds usual for this type of rail vehicles.

This bogie ensures low wheel wear, even under poor track conditions. Careful design calculation on running characteristics leads to optimum suspension stages for high ride quality under all operating conditions.  

2100 Bogie (Heavy Metro Bogie)

SF 2100 motor and trailer bogies are designed for use on electric, mass rapid transit railcars, such as urban Rail vehicles and metro cars with 2 x 140 kW up to 2 x 190 kW required power output per car, maximum total weight of 64 t and speeds up to 80 km/h.

Highly reliable and widely available, SF 2100 motor and trailer bogies are of modular design. These are a result of continuous improvements based on practical service experience stemming back as far as 1975.

Components (Propulsion and Auxiliary Power Supply)

Solutions from this portfolio comprises customized propulsion systems and Auxiliary power supplies for onboard / underslung application in any type of Rail Vehicles (Electric/ Diesel Locomotive, Metro cars, EMUs, Passenger cars), irrespective of whether it is newly built or refurbished. The technology is based on the very latest IGBT power modules, diagnosis-friendly Sibas® and Sibcos® microprocessor controls, and Siemens’ global expertise in engineering, production and service.

Products in India

Auxiliary Power supplies are required in trains and locomotives to feed air conditioner, heater, lights, fans and machines that support the propulsion system and control braking. Siemens is a pioneer in India to bring in the state-of-the-art IGBT based Auxiliary Power supplies for the trains and locomotives. Rolling Stock of Indian Railways now benefits from low maintenance cost and better efficiencies. The power supplies for auxiliaries are supplied in following ratings for various applications in train and locomotives.  

  • 180KVA converters for AC Locomotives
  • 25KVA Converter for Passenger Car (Onboard Version)
  • 25KVA Converter for Locomotives (Underslung Version)
  • 500KVA Converter for fully air conditioned train (being introduced shortly)
  • Propulsion system including traction converter and traction motor, Auxiliary converters, control systems for all kind of rail based vehicle i.e. Locomotives, EMUs, urban transport vehicles and trains.

Integrated Services

The integrated service chain of Siemens spread throughout ensures availability of equipment. The group also offers services for commissioning of equipment of Rolling Stock and of infrastructure projects.