Rail Systems

Rail Systems

The Division “Rail Systems” will comprise the entire Siemens rail vehicle business – railways, metros and locomotives and even trams and light rail and related services. The employees of “Rail Systems” will be responsible for our railway customers worldwide and will jointly develop customized mobility solutions in close cooperation with them on site.

Customer Service & Transportation Solutions (CS&TS)

The Business Unit “Customer Service and Transportation Solutions” (CS&TS) is operating worldwide and offers a unique solution portfolio for service and turnkey systems during the complete life cycle of a customer’s railway system. We will act as a business unit across the divisional lines and business units limits and provide service for “Rail Automation“ (RA), for example, as well.


High Speed and Commuter Rail (HC)

The new Business Unit “High Speed and Commuter Rail” (HC) is going to be an international supplier of rolling stock for commuter and mainline services. The portfolio of “High Speed and Commuter Rail” includes attractive and comfortable commuter, regional, intercity and high-speed trains.

Locomotives and Components (LOC)

The new Locomotives and Components (LOC) Business Unit offers innovative product and system solutions for passenger rail and rail freight traffic. It is the leading supplier of both multisystem and high-speed locomotives. Locomotives powered by Siemens equipment haul huge loads all over the world. With its current Vectron line, LOC is continuing the successful history in the field of locomotive manufacture, which began when Siemens invented the very first electric locomotive back in 1879.


Siemens locomotives combine sustained cost-effective operation with low environmental impact and resource consumption. In addition to its renowned locomotive platforms, LOC provides customized solutions based on service-proven designs and components. As a competent partner for components such as traction systems, bogies and on-board power supplies, LOC can supply not only the complete range of electrical and mechanical equipment but also entire system solutions for modern rail vehicles – and all from a single source. Backed by a high degree of expertise and reliability, Siemens ensures the mobility and the competitiveness of its customers.  

Metro, Coaches and Light Rail (MCL)

The new Business Unit “Metro, Coaches and Light Rail” (MCL) will combine all activities concerning rail vehicles for mass transit systems in cities with the passenger coaches business.

Customers from all over the world will find a competent and experienced partner in MCL. It will be a partner who can offer efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly rolling stock to meet the ever increasing demand for mobility in the form of metro vehicles, light rail vehicles, trams and driverless systems for cities, as well as passenger coaches for inter-city rail service.