Trains and Locomotives

Trains & Locomotives

Vital for sustainable, reliable intercity transportation, trains designed and developed by Siemens set standards around the globe for technology and efficiency.

A new-age travel experience

Getting from A to B is taken for granted. When it comes to comfort, safety and travel efficiency, passengers expect more. Based on varying performance requirements, the solutions in this portfolio are categorized into High Speed Trains, Commuter Trains and Passenger Coaches.

High Speed Trains

High-speed trains from Siemens integrate speed, safety and reliability seamlessly for a world-class travel experience. These self-propelled trains are designed to travel well beyond the speeds of 200 km/h and meet all the urban transportation needs efficiently.

Passenger Cars

Siemens’ design innovation enables a high degree of customization and offers advanced comfort and safety in the passenger cars segment. Indigenous design capabilities and tried-and-tested technology allow us to develop various types of coaches to suit diverse mobility needs.

Commuter Trains

These are self-propelled trains that go beyond city limits, linking nearby satellite towns, and stop at an average distance of one kilometer or more. These commuter trains are an integral part of the urban vehicle portfolio of Siemens, developed with a focus to meet city-specific mobility.

Products in India

  • Propulsion System including Traction Converter and Traction Motor
  • Auxiliary Power Supply and all other Electrics for ACAC EMUs of Mumbai Suburban Rail. GP19 project and MRVC project.
  • Bogies for Commuter Rail  

Leading from the front

Passenger coaches and freight wagons that are not self-propelled require external power to move. Siemens offers solutions that draw from the various locomotive platforms developed across Europe and Asia in hauling passenger and freight rail vehicles. Our future-ready locomotives allow you to operate economically while reducing environmental impact and conserving resources.

IGBT Based Traction Converter for Three-Phase AC Traction Technology

In 1999 Indian Railways (IR) introduced its first diesel-electric freight locomotive with three-phase AC Traction Technology; the WDG4 locomotive.


This was followed by the first ever IGBT based Traction Converter on Locomotive rolled out on Indian Rails in October 2006. Designed, built and commissioned by Siemens in collaboration with Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) within a well-controlled project schedule involving high quality of project management and system engineering. It began service at South Western Railway in December 2006 and has since been doing satisfactory revenue service.

The induction of IGBT based propulsion technology of Siemens has endowed IR locomotives with a range of benefits:

  • Better switching capability of IGBT wrt GTO
  • Simpler controls ensured by state-of-art new technology
  • Technology salience with the rest of the world
  • Obsolescence of the GTO’s

The Locomotive includes Traction Control by Siemens SIBAS®32 microcomputer providing

  • High starting and continuous tractive efforts
  • Dynamic braking
  • Effective wheel slip and slide control
  • Fault monitoring and diagnostic functions
  • Overload protection